Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Yummy for mummy!

A new up and coming mama, Lexie at Lexie: Lip & Lotion, is making earth friendly chapstick and lotion!

BUT it's not just any lotion!
The way she makes it is different than one would think. It's a solid square. You rub it a bit, break a small piece off, and once it's soft and pliable between your fingers, you massage it into your skin! It was nice and warm when it came to me (from the weather being so sunny lately) so i just jumped right in and smoothed some on my skin. :)
VERY easy to use, nice and moist, and it doesn't leave that weird feeling some lotions do!

AND lets not forget the chapstick. Three different ones, original, lavendar and vanilla.
The lavender scent is SO nice.. and the vanilla is so deliciously subtle, it's hard to pass up. :)

i love the products
i love the customer service
i love that she makes it her own way
and i love that she's trying to help other people use better products on their bodies and their babies!

thank you Lexie for your products!
check out her etsy shop for what's in stock and quick to purchase!

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