Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Kawaii: Green Goblin

The other glitter that Kawaii sent me is called Green Goblin.
It's a mix of green hex's with "white" shapes in between. I'm not quite sure what the white shapes are.. they're different. They give another dimension to the polish.. they're really quite cool. :)

I used this polish 3 different ways.. by itself (3 coats, and not opaque) and two different top coats.. 1 over light color, 1 over dark.

Using it as a top coat, I think, worked really well. :) It was a nice accent to the lighter color (Mary Kay Signature Pink).. and on the darker color (Sinful Colors Green) it just added a touch of glam, since it was about the same color.
I really enjoyed it by itself as well! My original thought was to use as many layers as possible to get it opaque.. but after 3 coats, it was still pretty sheer. I think it would probably take like 6 layers to make it opaque, IF it does. :P SOO this is a good fun glitter to ad to a mani.. not use by itself. :)

Which is great! It ads just enough fun.. it's an easy application polish. I recommend putting a top coat over it, just because the glitter is a BIT chunky.

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