Sunday, March 27, 2011

i love fluffy :)

Rhonda of Fluffyrumps just HAD to have this cute little soaker skirtie in her shop while i was perusing.. and i just jumped at the chance to review this item. :)

I actually had some of the same material at home at the time, but the skirt she made is different than what i've seen before. And it's really neat cause it makes it really flouncy! And for fleece to be "flouncy" it has to be put together just right. :)

We've used it a few times since receiving it and i just love the way it bounces when Zoe prances around. :) And Brian (my husband) loves the fact that it's warm enough to use around the house during the chilly months.. but breezy enough to use during the summer, also, as a little skort. :)

Fleece soaker: practical for cloth diaper use as a cover.
Skirtie: fabulous for any little girl to wear during the summer!

So cloth diaperer.. or NOT!! You could use one of these for your little bug. :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

hair bows russell

I hosted an auction a little while back on my fanpage, including quite a few other vendors. And Hair Bows Russell was one of them. After the auction was over, I had won their hair clip.. YAY! :D

When I got the package in the mail, there were TWO clips in there. Kind of like a matching set. :) And they are so CUTE!

These were easy enough for my daughters to put in their own hair.. instead of me having to do it. :) And they were nice, simple bows, instead of something uber fancy that you might not be able to wear that often.

So instead of the usual thumbs up, I give Hair Bows Russell TWO thumbs up.. for going above and beyond.. and for making a product that's easy for the child, as well as the parent. :) And at their prices, who can say no!

dipe- EZ! train-EZ?

I've known the owner of for a while now.. and I have been hunting for the perfect night time solution for my 5 year old for a while, too. And even thought I make my own diapers, etc, I couldn't come up with the right thing she needed!!

Well, I got the chance to trade with Kristin for a review of her Traineze, just HOPING that it might be the "one".. she made two of them for me.. a regular side snapper, like she usually makes, and tried out another pattern too.. a "pullup" traineze.

Of course we had to wait until we washed them what seemed like a million times to try them out *haha. :) But good news everyone.. you ready?!

They are absorbing the same amount, if not more, than the disposable trainers we'd have to use!!
Hands down, Jazmine likes the snapping ones better :)
So we have two more on the way!

Thanks so much, Kristin, for helping us out!

ooohhhh.. classsyyy...

I ran into this facebook page a few months back, and the products intrigued me.. so I purchased some cute little brown bow clippies for myself.

I actually forgot that I had ordered them.. and then this past week I got them in the mail, and two other clips included!
I guess mom brain runs around.. haha. She had forgotten too! oops.. this might happen to any WAHM. :)

I was impressed, though.. with the way she handled the situation, adding an extra set of clips, and a note saying she was sorry, and thanks for being patient.

And i love the clips! She definitely matched the same style, i think, and it makes for a nice set for me! :)
I love her style, and the way she handles her business. Clips are just one of the things she makes, too. Customized onesies also included, along with leg warmers, and a few other goodies.
Visit Addi-Kin Grey and tell them Cami sent you!

headband stalker

I wrote a review about a beautiful butterfly clip from Whimsical Fairytales, and it got me hooked on stalking her stuff.

So I ordered some headbands from her recently.. and because she was out of some of the things I was looking for, I waited patiently for her to get them back in stock.
Once the sparklies were back in stock, she got them ready and shipped them ASAP.

When I got the package, to my delight she had included a THIRD headband (that i had been drewling over) as a thank you for waiting so patiently!!

So now, I want to buy more! lol

My oldest daughter, Jazmine, says "i love the headbands! i love them so much", Alivia says "i love them too". lol. out of the mouths of babes. ;) can't wait to get this next one from her!