Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Monsters? more like Cuties :)

Mommy's Little Monsters worked with me to figure out a review item for her store. She ended up surprising me with a Rapunzel hair crown, and a pretty little button headband, with interchangeable flowers!

My 5 year old, Jazmine, says "I very, very VERY love it, and always want to wear it, but Alivia wants to wear it, too" (my 4 year old). Alivia says "I always really want to wear it, too. It's pretty". When I asked Zoe if she likes her flower headband, she says "yes, I do". :) So there ya go!

My kids love the products. I like them too. :) The are very well made.. the crown on the headband is GREAT! It's very sturdy, not floppy, to which I was pleasantly surprised. So it stands up better, instead of flopping over, like some crochet would do. It might be the kind of yarn she uses.. or the way she does it. I'm not sure. I just know that all of us are very happy with it. :)

The only "change" I would make to the products is on the headband.. using a bigger button. The flowers seem to come off pretty easily. Apparently this "fix" is already in process. Which is awesome. :) Great job on these products. :)
(I had too many photos to post IN the review, so they are all below.. lol)

You can contact her with any questions you may have, or a custom you'd like done!

Also, check her websites for more products and information!
StuffbySpanky on etsy.com

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Moms Crafts 4 U

I was talking to this mama about the products she had available, and we decided a "surprise" package would be fun. :) So I had only a slight idea of what was coming to me.

I received a Wallet and Keyper from momscrafts4u.etsy.com, and a felt flower brooch from abdesigned.etsy.com (sister store).
I love them all. :)
The keyper looks very well made.. and a CUTE print, easy to use.
The felt brooch looked SO cute on my gray top I wore to work.. and I got a few compliments on it! :D

The Wallet.. is my favorite.. hands down.
I love how much it holds, I love how WELL it is MADE! I love the prints.. it's just an awesome product!
She makes more than this too, including mama cloth and wetbags.

AND this deal just gets sweeter! ;)
Veronica is offering a giveaway!!

1 lucky winner will recieve a brooch AND a keyper. :)

2 required entries:
1. like Moms Crafts 4 U fanpage and tell them I sent you.
2. leave your email.

i prefer you write down both of these entries in one "comment".
this will run for 4 days.. so you have until Thursday night to enter. :) Friday, the winner will be notified by email, so MAKE SURE you leave that in your comment! otherwise, you cannot win this prize. GOOD LUCK!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kreactive Krochet

I love watching Kathy's Krochet Nook on Facebook because all of her creations are SO fantastic. Every one is different.. and they are just SO unique! So when i approached her about doing a review, I was hoping she would say yes.. but also thinking she might say no. WELL! She said yes :D

I received this BEAUTIFUL black sparkly purse.. with a pink edged flower and wood handles. :) I have NEVER had a bag like this.
At first it looked kinda small.. so I started to base my review on a list of things.. how much will it hold? how easy is it too use? is the crochet sturdy enough for everyday use? etc etc

But as I started using it.. I put in my Joey Junior (organizer), then put my items in there.. and brought it to work with me.. then brought it out shopping with me.. and I have to say.. no matter what kind of list you make to "try something out", this bag.. HER PRODUCT.. is just outstanding. The workmanship is incredible.. the crochet stretches just enough to keep it's shape BUT accommodate all your items.. and it just feels more STYLISH and FUN to use :)

Thank you Kathy for sending me this fantastic product, and letting me write about it. :) I encourage you all to stalk her page like I do. :) you might just find the perfect product for you!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

flowers for mama

I got this beautiful pillowcase top from Sarah at Rusty's Baby Boutique; she wanted to try out a pattern for an adult top. I was glad to accept the challenge :)

I got to pick the print of the cotton, and she told me what she was adding for trim.

So when I got this package in the mail Saturday, I was very eager to open it and try it on.

When I pulled it out, i love the material even more than in the picture :) It looked like it was going to be a bit small.

I wore it to church the next day over a tshirt (it gets kinda' cold in my church building). And Monday, I wore it for our family Memorial Day lunch by itself. Both times, I have to say, it fit.. perfectly. :)

I guess Zumba is paying off? HAHA. :)
But YES! I love the top. :) The way it was sewn was great, the fit was great, I love the material.. how easy it is to adjust the straps/neckline.

Overall.. VERY good product. Thank you Sarah for sending me this. :) If anyone wants to order an adult top from her.. I RECOMMEND IT! :)

Jaded? I think not :)

Beth started Jadeybug Boutique to have fun with kids clothes, right now mainly for little girls. And naming it after her little girl, Jaelyn, was easy enough to do, as her nickname is Jadeybug. :)

This mama lives fairly close to me, so it was easy for me to send her something in the mail. My little one had this Dora shirt that she wore ALL the time, until she grew out of it, and became very upset. So what I did was cut out the best parts of the shirt and mail them to her to see if she could "fix something up" for me.

Beth dropped by my house earlier this week to bring it over.. and had two other surprises with her! She had also made a special dress for each of my older girls!! :)

When Zoe saw her Dora dress, her eyes lit up. :) It was great to see her happy to have her Dora back. :)
These dresses fit the girls perfectly, with some room to grow, the customer service from her Boutique is A+, and I love the unique way she makes the straps and how the elastic is encased.
The only concern I have is i've never seen an applique done like that before. I like it.. but i'm waiting to see how it holds up after multiple washes.

Great job, Beth!
Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve! Some more products soon to come to her store. :) Keep your eyes out!