Wednesday, July 28, 2010

SKOY what?

I was reading a friends blog about a month ago, and stumbled upon a review on SKOY cloth. It sounded odd.. interesting.. I was intrigued.
I contacted about their product and they sent me a free sample! AND they are going to send TWO LUCKY READERS a set EACH! So we have our first BLOG GIVEAWAY!

I opened the package and my husband was like "what is that?" lol.
After reading all the info on the website.. and KNOWING we go through quite a bit of paper towel, I was willing to give it a shot. I love using it to wipe up the table, and wash off the kids.. even the occasional floor scrubbing I have to do without the mop...


two lucky readers will win a set of SKOY cloth for themselves!
visit SKOY cloth and post a comment so i know which ones you would like.

two mandatory entries!
1. you must PUBLICLY follow this blog
2. you must "like/fan" CC Bums on Facebook

extra entries:
3. "like/fan" SKOY cloth on Facebook
4. tweet about this giveaway

the more entries, the better chance!

make sure you leave a comment on this review, so I can keep track of possible winners! Saturday i will announce the Winner!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

bring it with you- in a snap!

I received not one like i expected, but TWO Snappy Straps from a wonderful mama in the mail yesterday.

You can connect a sippy to a bag, a toy to a seat.. or as my kids like it.. a toy to their arm. lol. :) That way they never lose the toy they carry around all day anyway! With two snap adjustments, it's also easy to use with different sized objects.

I was originally "drewling" over the purple with sparkly white elephants.. but i love the striped one she also included!

A great product from a wonderful lady. Try em out! For a small price.. you'll never lose things again! Or at least.. they won't be so demolished from dropping. :)

You can also email her at

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hair Clip Holder!

One of my favorite hair clip makers is making Hair Clip holders!
So I ordered one. :)

I love my clippy holder! :) I got it home from the mailbox, put it on the wall and put every clippie I own on it.. and I may need another one! lol

And some of these are Baby Hair Paradise clips! :D
What a great mom and a fun person to work with. :)

The flower at the very top is part of the clippy holder, not a hair clip itself. And I love the satin tail and the hangloop. I let my little girl pick from the photos of the ones she had in stock. I have 12 clips on it.

How Dee-lightful!

A new WAHM I have been in contact with for a little while now recently came up with a new hair clip for her line of Dee's Delights.

I received a brown satin clip with a CUTE little butterfly on it. :)
I immediately slipped it into my 4 year old's hair.. so pretty in her itty bitty fountain of a ponytail. lol. :)

There was also a questionnaire that came with it, being a tester product. She wanted feedback.
1. Does the bow stay in the hair?
- It was a little slippery.. but she has also started adding a non-slip grip on her new ones. I would love to see one of those next. :)

2. Does the bow stay put together?
- This is a VERY cute bow, and I love how easy it is to use. Maybe making the ribbon a little tighter, but loved it.

3. Compliments/constructive criticism?
Love the bow. :) I would get another one just like it!

Great Job, Alisha!

Friday, July 16, 2010

For your little bug

My little girls love hair clippies.. Jazmine says "they look so beautiful on Alivia".

My Baby Bug on Facebook personalizes multiple products, including tutus, purses and hair clippies.
I was excited to be able to pick my own ribbon for these.. and fell in LOVE with the pink argyle grossgrain ribbon.

The day I got them in the mail, I ripped open the package and jumped for joy. :) Only thing was, my girls were camping with their grandparents.. so I had to wait to try them out. But it was worth the wait.
These are very well made and easy to use. And for my pink girl.. they were perfect. :) I recommend this mommy for many products. And will be reviewing more soon!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

reusable.. lunch bags?

I was pleasantly surprised to see these reusable lunch bags in my mail box from Joys of Thread!
Funny thing was that I got them in the mail just hours before I was going to go to work.. so I packed my lunch in them right away!

The big bag I used for my sandwich, the medium bag i used for my green peppers, and the small bag i used for chunks of Havarti cheese (very moist, soft cheese).

I was happy to see at lunch time that my sandwich was in perfect condition and the bread was still soft.
The green peppers, because they are a "wetter" veggie had made the fabric a tad moist, but not too bad!
The soft cheese, I was wondering if it would get mushed or if it would start getting dried on the edges from the air.. but again, I was happy to see it was in perfect condition and still delicious. :)

I give 2 thumbs up to this mama. GREAT JOB!