Wednesday, June 23, 2010

something for me.. and something for my babe

I recently purchased a crocheted cotton bath pouf from a mama to try out. At first, when i recieved it, I was kind of wondering if it would work as well as a storebought acrylic/plastic pouf because i'm used to them being larger and feeling scrubby.. this one was smaller and felt very soft.

After the first use, I was pleasantly surprised to find that even though it wasn't scrubby or large, it felt quite nice against my skin.. kind of like a homemade wash cloth.

I still keep my acrylic pouf around for when I feel like i need a good scrub down.. but I do enjoy this lovely pouf.. made custom to the color I wanted. :)

I also tested some organic diaper rash cream made by the same mama.. it came in a tube (the twisty kind, like chapstick.. but bigger).. Just in time for my child to be going through a rash phase! I started using it immediately.. and in a day or so the dry parts started softening and red parts started diminishing. It is completely gone now.. and it has only taken a few days.

I would HIGHLY recommend this diaper rash cream to ANY mom.. not just cloth diaper moms.. because it's a natural product, not manufactured by a big cooperation, but helping a mom at home make a living. And the container it comes in is also recyclable. And the price was great. :)

You should definitely check out her products!
Under The Willow Tree

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Threads of Joy

This mama makes wonderful homemade items..
reusable sandwich bags, burp cloths, wristlets, hankerchiefs, hooded bath towels.. and much more!
I would LOVE to see a hooded bath towel in my mailbox.. for my girlies. :)

Post this button on YOUR blog and you might win something from this mama!

Friday, June 4, 2010

keepin it fresh!

I LOVE my new deodorant!! :)

Palace Scents amazes me once again with her homemade talents.. I received a cream deodorant in the mail.. in a little case that looks kinda' like lip gloss. I immediately unscrewed the purple top marked "orange vanilla".. YUM! :) And of course my kids had to sniff it.. lol. They loved it too. :)

Where with my commercial roller deoderant I have to reapply up to 3 times a day.. I only have to use this cream once or twice!! LOVE IT!

It's like a built in confidence booster.. smelling like a sweet treat while keeping dry!

Check out her natural homemade products on facebook and weebly!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pretty Pretties

GORGEOUS handiwork.. I almost can't believe these are handmade! I always drewl at her clippies. :) I got this ladybug clip as my first venture into the world of hair pretties.. my now 4 year old, Jazmine, wanted it so bad.. so i got it for her birthday, though she didn't have enough hair for it unless there was a pigtail first. :P (pictured is my 3 year old, Alivia, with massive curly hair)

Brandy Walker's Pretty Pretties handmade clippies are sold on her Facebook fanpage and also she has a checkout cart on, also on hyenacart. Always a great selection to choose from and a decent price.

Hair Paradise

Cortney Kellen of Baby Hair Paradise loves to make pretty bows to let little girls play and see how pretty they are. :) My girls LOVE the little yellow flowered clippies and the GREAT BIG flower in their hair :) When i was perusing her clippy pics, my 3 year old said "can we buy the yellow flowers?" :) Even with just a picture, she already loved them. :)

My favorite feature of hers is that you can get them with a headband that fits from 9 mth up to 4 years and beyond (especially for when they dont have much hair!).. and the clips are so easy to use! Change your mood/style 5 times a day if you like! Easy enough for a child to use. :)
Priced very well.. I love these and will get more in the future :) May have to order a bow holder too! Not much room left in my ziploc.. lol