Monday, December 20, 2010

embellished creative genius

Jasmin Murphy of My Baby Bug does an AWESOME job with all her products :)
embellished t's, reversible pocket bibs, fleece socks, and homemade dolls.. but she doesn't stop there. :)

All the details on her dolls are HAND STITCHED!!
I requested one of these dolls for my daughters birthday.. and it's so CUTE!
I let Zoe pick out the type of doll, and the fabric.. she picked butterbean and this pretty little floral. :)
Jasmin made it with Zoe's eye color and a little tuft of hair, to match zoe's little bit of hair. Haha. :)

Definitely was not dissapointed. :) It is ADORABLE.. and totally personalized. :) And my daughter loves her. :)
And.. as you can see.. dolly needed to wear leggies, too. ;)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

who wants some hair fun?

I again had the pleasure of receiving an item from Little Heart Boutique.

This time I purchased a custom hair tie for my 3.5 year old, and decided to tell everyone about it.. because I love it!!

I was able to choose the colors myself.. and having 3 girls, I decided to go with something that would compliment all three of them.. so they can all use it. Pinks and Browns, and some fun with stars. ;)

I am so happy with the outcome of it. And my little girl LOVES to have it in her hair. :) She's very proud of her "pretty hair tie".. as she is a princess (lol).

I'm sure you would also enjoy 1.. or 2.. or 3 of your own. :) The price was great also! Totally unique, customizable and affordable.

corkers for cuties :)

Sarah Peterson of Girly-q bows makes adorable little girl clips and bows. :) I had the pleasure of of receiving a little purple and pink corker. I never had thought of buying corkers before cause i'm a "bow" girl.. but honestly.. I kinda wish I had gotten more of them. ;)

Very affordable, well made little handmade bows, clips and corkers.. great for everyday or dressing up. :)

My 4.5 year old had just done her own ponytail by herself.. and asked me to put the corker in her hair. :) She loves it, which makes me feel good about buying these little things. :) Enjoyable for parents AND kids.

Thursday, October 21, 2010 take 2

Well I put it on my little bug tonight, she's wearing it to bed. I stuffed it with a prefold again, and I think it's because I'm not used to double snap wings that it feels weird to me. Lol. My kids all have a very narrow, long waist and a short rise.. just like me. Hard for me to find clothes that fit just right.

It is a tad wide across the crotch.. but it looks like it will hold REALLY WELL!!

I will definitely be using it at night for Zoe again. :)
I REALLY appreciate the product.. and would definitely recommend it. :)
Visit or the fanpage on facebook for more info, stock, prices, and customization!

white elephant gift :)

I have known Lynn Wilson of White Elephants for a while, and i've been checking out her fabulous wool crocheted items.. longies, play food, etc.. for a while now.

So when my wool dryer balls started falling apart.. I needed to find someone to see if they could save the yarn and make something from them. Lynn offered to do it for me. :)

Luckily most of the yarn was fine to use. :) It was good enough for a diaper cover, which is fine with me.. I just wanted them to be made into pants.
She kept telling me she was having fun making them.. and even sent me pics of the progress. They were looking great!

I got them in the mail TODAY and promptly took pics and put them on my little girl. THEY FIT PERFECT! I want to say a huge thank you to Lynn Wilson of White Elephants for helping me.. and wanted to let you know that because of her customer service, and her awesome work.. I will definitely be refering people to her store!!

A very cool idea. :) Upcycled tshirts into a cotton pocket that fits every size!
I bought it to try for my 4.5 year old who still wets a LOT at night.

Since so far, cotton has worked best for us.
I stuffed it with a prefold and snapped it around her.. and she took off. lol.
My hyper child.

It seemed to fit her ok.. her butt was quite large LOL. She has a TINY butt.
She said it was uncomfortable for her, so we didn't get to use it at night.. but she's very sensitive, also. This diaper should work fine for anyone who doesn't have very sensitive skin. At least in my experience. :) I used to use tshirt diapers on my now 3.5 year old.. so i'm keeping it around, hoping i can use it on my 2 year old, who is now the only one in diapers. It would prob work perfectly as a night time diaper for her!! I am going to try that next.
I like the construction of this diaper, thought I have never owned anything with double wing snaps. Might be why I wasn't "feeling" it.

The company has GREAT customer service, and VERY fair prices. I also like that there are MANY size settings on the front, so you can get a truly customized fit, and the pocket has elastic all the way around. I recommend trying a tshirt diaper, because as we all know.. cotton is by far one of the most breathable materials. Often better on baby's butt.
Visit or the fanpage on facebook for stock and customizing options!

gotta love RUFFLES

I was at first intrigued by the name Daffe Designs.
Wondered what she was making. ;)

Come to find out, she's got a fabulous variety of ruffled bloomers, baby shoes, embroidery work, lovies, babylegs and more!

I was sent this beautiful pair of bloomers in size 18 mth for my Zoe to try out. I am LOVING the ruffles on my little bugs butt. :)
And the embroidered name is beautiful! I love purple.. and so far, that seems to be Zoe's color.
You should check it out. I bet you'll find something for your little one!

Wool for baby!

CCBaby has been a great company for quite some time now.. and I finally got up the guts to ask if they did reviews.. and TADA.. they said yes!!
I'm SO excited.. we got to pick out the wool, and because these wool longies were for my 3.5 year old to wear under her dresses to keep warm (or to bed, whatever she prefers).. and she's an animal lover, I asked if they could ad a horse to it.. and again.. they said yes!

So after perusing and choosing the wool that I wanted, and a speedy delivery later.. we now are PROUD owners of a BEAUTIFUL pair of CCBaby woolies :)

Alivia (my 3.5 year old) almost squealed when she saw the horse. Lol.
She promptly put them on and modeled them for me.. after I had to hold her at bay while I took "before" pictures. She is very happy with them... which has made me very happy with them. :)
Check out the fanpage, pick out your wool, and see for yourself how beautiful and warm they are!

Make bath time FUN TIME!

I got a bath time fun set for my 4 year old.. so it was something for her being a "big girl".
When it came in the mail, i let her open the package and you cannot BELIEVE how happy it made her, to have something of her own for her bath time. A roller body paint/soap, a wash cloth, and the wrapping turned into a bracelet for her.. so the WHOLE package was something she could use!
This mama puts together the cutest things.. not JUST for big kids!
Check her facebook page Little Heart Boutique.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Support the Cause!

I honestly don't remember how I stumbled upon this mama's beautiful items. It could be because I was checking out breast cancer awareness.. and her complete store is donated to promoting the cause.

I think it's really cool what this mom is doing. Every item she sells, 20% of the profit goes towards a local breast cancer charity. And the headband that I received for this is just one example of the beautiful work she does.

It's a simple wire headband, wrapped with gold ribbon, and is embellished with CROCHETED ribbon, with some beautiful little pearls added to give it a simple, fun, timeless look.
I have to admit, I was a little worried that the lightweight of the headband wouldn't stay in my hair very well.. but after I'd had it on for even 10 minutes, I forgot I was wearing it! lol. Very comfortable, not so tight it pinches, like a lot of the commercial plastic ones do.
It's VERY well made.. and among the other beautiful items she makes are more beautiful crocheted creations!
My eldest daughter fell in love with this when she saw it. She thought it looked like a little bird nest. LOL. So I had to let her try it on. And guess what?? It was PERFECT for her. She has a tendency to play with her headbands, and a lot of times, she breaks them, because of the cheap plastic. I didn't even worry about this one AT ALL because even at first site, I could tell it was well made and very sturdy. She wore it for a good hour, and even though she's a rambunctious child, and all over the place.. it slipped around a little.. but was GREAT! And totally matched her personality. :)

There are other beautiful crocheted headbands stocked in the etsy store right now, there is a crocheted RUFFLED purse, breast cancer ribbon ornaments.. and more very unique, one of a kind pieces!
You have GOT to see these items. :)

Eye Candy

I stumbled upon this fanpage by accident a few months ago through a friend from high school.. and I was like "eye candy, what?" :)
I was looking through her stuff and at first didn't believe it was handmade, it looked so great.

I ended up contacting the owner through facebook about some of the products, and they agreed to send me a few pieces to write a review about!
I was only expecting a piece or two to be sent to me.. but when I got them in the mail, they had sent me 5 items!
3 beautiful bracelets, and a necklace/choker and ring set!

My favorite one so far is the glass heart bracelet. It goes with EVERYthing.
And another thing that I'm loving about their work is that fact that I have small wrists and these beautiful pieces ARE NOT FLOPPY ON ME! That's always a plus in my situation, cause I usually have to take a piece or two out of jewelry or watches. I can NEVER find a bracelet that fits right. So these are GREAT sizes.

These was a small piece on the necklace/choker that looked like it might have been sticking out too much, and I was worried it might poke me.. but because it blends with the rest of the beads, I couldn't even tell. So all in all, I'm very happy with the company. :)

These are fantastic pieces at REALLY good prices.. I think anyone would LOVE to own at LEAST one of these. There are necklaces, rings, earrings, chokers, bracelets..
And you can see ALL of the stock at
They also have a fanpage on .

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pocket size People

I stumbled across this fanpage on Facebook a week or so ago and what i saw was absolutely adorable. The PocketPeople are just the right little friend for anybody.. my 3 year old took to them right away. :)

the purple hat girl was automatically named Violet and the cutey in the plaid dress was dubbed Aisha. they are Hand made w/ Love.. and these aren't just any little tiny doll.. they are lovingly made and "adopted" by families. So i didn't just recieve a toy.. i was blessed with a new member of the family. :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Very Handy

I was talking to a mom via gmail about a few products we both make and she agreed to let me check out her hand towels.

She asked me what colors and materials I would prefer.. she wanted to make them to fit my lifestyle. Which I think is wonderful. And she's so easy to work with.
A little while ago I got a package in the mail from her, completely forgetting that she was making these for me, it was a great surprise to open the package and see these beautiful handmade hand towels in colors that PERFECTLY complimented our kitchen. I was beyond thrilled. :) I added the snaps so they would hang easier (which she plans on adding herself in the future).
This mama also makes many more products.. stop by her Facebook Fanpage, named Her Majesty's Closet.
All first time orders get 25% off
AND she offers free shipping.. only paid through paypal.

This mama is also giving away a $25 in store credit!

In order to win this, you must:

1. Become a follower of this blog.
2. Become a fan of CC Bums on Facebook.
3. Become a fan of Her Majesty's Closet on Facebook.. and tell her who you were sent by!
4. post a reply to this blog and tell us which of these you have done! more entries= better chance to win!

If you don't reply to this blog, I won't know you entered.

This contest ends August 31! Sept 1 the entries will be counted and the winner will be contacted! please leave your email on your blog comment so we know how to get ahold of you. :)

Mistical Beauty

I have known this mom for a little while now.. actually met (again) through CC Bums.. knew her from a while ago. :)
She has had an etsy for a bit and her products I have actually seen in person.. they are GREAT! :)
Misty from Mistical Arts on Facebook makes handcrafted jewelry, artsy hair clips, recycles materials.. it's a flair all her own. :)
I was lucky to get a pair of earrings and some hair clips from her to review.. and i'm LOVING them.
This is my second day already wearing them.. they're so well put together and so universal, they are the perfect compliment for me. :)

And the hairclips are just the bit of fun and flair i wanted, being a mother of three. Didn't want something too crazy, or too kiddish.. just a little something to "pretty me up" every now and then.

I think she does a wonderful job. And i'm sure you will too! Head on over to her Facebook page and tell her Cami at CC Bums sent you!

Friday, August 13, 2010


I was perusing through some of my favorite Work At Home Mom's on facebook and one of them led me to this fabulous little shop that specialized in handmade purses. I was immediately intrigued by how well they looked!

I was like "no WAY she really made that!"
I asked about writing a review on one.. and I was asked what I was looking for. I threw out a few specifications, asking a few questions, because I have never had a purse made just for me before.. I wanted something classy.. small enough to be a purse, but big enough to use with children, just in case.. since I do have three young daughters. Wanted something with neutrals.. but fun, also. And this is what Carmen came up with. BEAUTIFUL!

I saw the photo and I was like "no way that's mine" and then yesterday when it showed up in a package with my name on it.. I WAS FLOORED!

This bag is a genuine piece of art!
It was designed specifically for me.. so I would have a fantastic bag to take with me.. no matter what the occasion. I'm in LOVE! And the prices are so reasonable, also.

You have GOT to have something fun for yourself.. why not start with a great bag.. to compliment your everday life?

Head over to Soy Asi... on Facebook. Carmen Marcias has awesome customer service and knows exactly how to make what YOU want.