Thursday, October 21, 2010

A very cool idea. :) Upcycled tshirts into a cotton pocket that fits every size!
I bought it to try for my 4.5 year old who still wets a LOT at night.

Since so far, cotton has worked best for us.
I stuffed it with a prefold and snapped it around her.. and she took off. lol.
My hyper child.

It seemed to fit her ok.. her butt was quite large LOL. She has a TINY butt.
She said it was uncomfortable for her, so we didn't get to use it at night.. but she's very sensitive, also. This diaper should work fine for anyone who doesn't have very sensitive skin. At least in my experience. :) I used to use tshirt diapers on my now 3.5 year old.. so i'm keeping it around, hoping i can use it on my 2 year old, who is now the only one in diapers. It would prob work perfectly as a night time diaper for her!! I am going to try that next.
I like the construction of this diaper, thought I have never owned anything with double wing snaps. Might be why I wasn't "feeling" it.

The company has GREAT customer service, and VERY fair prices. I also like that there are MANY size settings on the front, so you can get a truly customized fit, and the pocket has elastic all the way around. I recommend trying a tshirt diaper, because as we all know.. cotton is by far one of the most breathable materials. Often better on baby's butt.
Visit or the fanpage on facebook for stock and customizing options!

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