Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Delush Delicious

So I was looking through my Facebook newsfeed on new years eve (because that's what you do when you're trying to stay awake until the ball drops when you're a mom of 3 and you let them stay up to watch it.. right?) and i saw this deal i COULD NOT pass up.
Free shipping on ANY order AND (i believe it was) they had a bunch of polishes at 40-50% off! If I can get an Indie polish at the same price of a cheap store polish.. DING DING! Great price for a BETTER product!!

So I grabbed this little number, Wanna Dance With Some Bunny ;) Even though I'm not huge on glitter polishes, this one intrigued me.
It's not super snazzy.. it's a low key glitter. It's mostly shapes, not so much sparkle (i'm not much of a sparkle girl.. crazy right??).

So I tested it a couple ways.. I put a plain white polish on my nail and used 1 coat as a topper (ring finger) and then I ALSO tried it the way the little card said to wear it- why not follow instructions. ;)
So on my middle finger I did base coat, 3 coats of the Indie, and the top coat.
Not to mention this is a 5-free polish. No worries about weird chemicals!

Shipped quickly, great consistency, and i love the little quips written on the cards ;) Fun, informational, and the print on the Delush card gave me an idea for my next manicure. ;)

You can check out her Facebook HERE or just to straight to her store HERE.

Brown Beauty

It's been a while since i've gotten the chance to blog about a homemade item! Wow!

I recently found the PERFECT indie brown holographic polish!!
Basically It was my mission to find a brown holo, but i will only buy holo's from Indie makers. It's like a thing for me.. If i'm gifted a holo that's not an indie, fine. But i won't buy Indie's that aren't homemade.

Now that that's been said..

I'm in LOVE! ;)
I had a bit of cash to myself since I've been still doing some small sewing jobs here and there.. now that it's not my main source of income anymore, it's more just like a fun hobby i still do so i can have my own cash in my pocket to do whatever i want with.
Anyway, i was looking to finally purchase a brown indie.. and i was perusing Etsy and there was a whole page i found of brown indie holo's.. but it had to be just right.. right? ;) It couldn't be khaki, it couldn't be poopy or pukey..

I found K*Sea Gales.. Reindeer! Perfect timing.. since I was basically buying it for myself as a Christmas present. ;)
Not to mention this is a 5-free polish, meaning you don't have to worry about nasty chemicals messing with your nails or your health.

(also, I have to tell you.. amazingly great application. 1 COAT is really all it took!)
And then I also use to to do some detailing.. fantastic.
Seriously.. I can't say enough good about it. :)
The shop owner is super nice, the shipping was quick and well packaged. Just for me.. this nail polish experience has been 100% across the board. ;)
Ok i'll stop gushing now and give you the link to her shop HERE and her Facebook page HERE.
Scroll down and check out the pictures of this amazing polish.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

let's Jam

well, another item i wouldn't usually write about, since the product itself isn't homemade.. but since, it's let YOU be creative, i took a stab at it. :)

Victoria Savo, a long time friend and customer that i met through my own WAHM business, is now a WAHM herself. She's in the business of beauty.
As a Jamberry nails representative, she's able to stay home with her brood, help ladies enjoy easy nail designs (at a decent price!), and bring in a bit of income she can be proud of!
Now I've tried Jamberry Nail Wraps in the past, and I've always had a bit of an issue with the tips being "bubbly".. they didn't lay flat. And since I like paint better (can change it more often), I've just always gone with nail polish.

BUT.. she showed me a way to take care of the bubbling.. I tried it, and it worked really well! It's called the plastic bag trick!
check this out :)

One coat of the purple varnish

Two coats of the purple, and 1 coat of the Matte top coat

Also, since Jamberry is a smart company, they have come out with some nail paint varnishes of their own! :) And they have sheets of just ACCENT nail wraps.. which is what Victoria sent me. They are so fun! :) I ended up using the "Jamberry" nail wrap; had the logo and the name on it. My tiny pinky's didn't pick up much of the lettering, but i love that i had the logo on my nail. :)

The finished product
They turned out really well!
The nail paints are a really great polish as well. They are creamy, they really only took once coat (which i'm not used to, lol), so I ended up painting two coats anyway.
And after 4 days (working at Kohls customer service, doing business at home, laundry, regular mom stuff) they still looked like they could go a bit more. (But because i'm who I am, i decided I wanted to change them, lol).

After 4 days wear and tear
I will say that having the help of the personal consultant to figure out how to fix my problem, and the ability to try a new product.. really helped me like the nail wraps more. Even if i don't do a full mani with them, I love the idea of the accent wrap.

Head over to her sales page and check them out for yourself.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Crocheted Half-shell, Turtle Power

I saw this cute little store on Facebook when I was perusing one day, and I approached the owner about wanting to post her cute creations on my blog. She was glad that I reached out to her.. and promptly asked me a few questions about my needs before starting the custom product..
ALL of her hats are custom only.

Which intrigued me at first, but then again, makes sense. Wouldn't it be nicer to have the product customized and still receive it quickly, rather than to purchase something ready made, get it in the same amount of time, and HOPE it works out for you?

My oldest daughter is a TMNT fan, and her favorite color is blue. So she created this beautiful hat for my 8 year old.. and as you can see.. she LOVED it. :) (the blur in the left photo is from her jumping up and down, repeatedly).

 Jazmine and her favorite, Leonardo

I, myself, have been crocheting for years.. So I did a thorough inspection of the product. This was VERY well done. The stitching is all even, there are no string that were untucked, the ear flaps were attached so well I could barely tell there was a seam.

The only thing my daughter told me she didn't like (which has also happened with other crocheted hats in our household before) is that it was sort of itchy. I brought this up to Amanda (Sweet Dreams by AJ), and she recommended..
"You could always try hand washing in the sink and using conditioner on it. It helps to soften the yarn a bit"

I will be trying this! Thank you, Amanda, for the suggestion!

I would recommend her store not only for the beautifully made product, but also for the customer service, based on how I was treated. Respectful, talented, and great communication.
Head over to her Facebook page Sweet Dreams by AJ to view many other fantastically made items, and let her know CC sent you. :)

Monday, July 28, 2014

Literally.. pic heavy

I've been drewling over this store's products for quite some time now, so when there was a chance to win a giveaway, I was all over it! AND GUESS WHAT?! :D
I was only supposed to win 3, but since I was going to blog about it, she was so awesome and included a 4th. :)
(One thing I love about "homemade" stores.. the shop owners are so warm and giving.)
What an awesome variety of work. :)

A Midsummer Nights Dream:
This polish was created to evoke the starry midnight sky as seen through the eyes of a fairy. Deep shimmery blue, with small gold squares, black hexes, and holographic gold hexes, this polish shimmers and glows on the nail, drawing you into its dream world.

The depth of this polish is pretty awesome. :) Even just used as a top coat on the light blue and dark blue middle fingers, this really makes me feel like laying on my back at night and staring at the sky. Creamy application.. the larger hexes threw me off just a bit, actually. They looked like they might "taco" (curl up at the edges) but it was just the light reflecting on them. :) Very dimensional. 

pointer and thumb: 2 layers
pinky: 1 layer
middle and ring: 1 layer each over light blue and royal

Annabel Lee:
Annabel Lee is a grey creme-jelly packed with holographic and iridescent microglitter and opalescent flakies. It's best at three coats or worn over a creme base. It's inspired by the poem of the same name by Edgar Allan Poe.

I've never had a jelly polish, so this was different for me. I really liked the consistency, i love the gray base, i'm a sucker for neutrals with sparkle. :) And using it as a topper over the brighter colors actually worked out well! It actually helped mute the stark white and the bright orange, so if you have some fluorescent polishes that you want to wear without them being so bright, this would be great to layer over it!

pointer and thumb: 2 layers
pinky: 1 layer
middle and ring: 1 layer each over white and orange

Mina is true, sweet and noble, the absolute model of Victorian domestic propriety. It takes 4 men to save her from the clutches of Count Dracula. Mina never does manage to break out of that mold, sadly, her virtue remains unsullied until the end.

Mina nail lacquer is a blackened violet packed with violet shimmer and glitter, it truly comes alive in the sun with a stunning deep purple flash.

I was almost second guessing this one.. I wasn't sure if I would like it just by seeing it in the bottle. But there was something intriguing about it. I can see what it was now. This shows an amazing depth and an awesome flash of purple.. and I love that the blackened base color isn't super out there, it's a good muted color, but not boring. This also almost had a jelly feel to it, but not as thick. 

pointer and thumb: 2 coats
pinky: 1 coat
middle and ring: 1 coat each over purple and black

More Like Fire than Light:
More Like Fire Than Light is a juicy orange linear holographic polish. Full coverage in 2 coats. In my experience, topcoat does not dull the holographic effect.

This is such a beautiful holo. I love fall colors, and this is just awesome. It's really an all year round color! The only thing that was "weird" to me was that after 2 coats, I could still slightly see my nail tips through it. But sometimes I have a tendency to apply thin layers, so it could just be me. :) Makes me think of a sunset, sunrise, sun in the sky.. just all around, a great sunny color without it being really bright. (And I had fun using it as a base with some little roller coasters and KI for Kinds Island.. going on family vacation in two days!)

3 layers on ring finger
2 layers on the rest

I highly recommend these polishes, and I recommend this shop for the quality of the product, the great customer service, and the fact that you can support a great WAHM instead of spending money at a chain store. So many more beautiful colors from this lady..
visit the fan page on Facebook, and shop their Etsy store.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sowing the Seed Beads

The name of this store intrigues me. :) I reached out to the owner to tell her about what I do here on my blog to help with publicity. I was told that a pair of earrings would be sent out. I was not prepared for the package that came to me! WOW!

"I specialize in making beaded jewelry. I make earrings (stud, ear pins, and dangle), bracelets (I add charms if requested), and necklaces. I charge $5-10 for earrings, $10 for bracelets, and $15 for necklaces. Shipping is always $3 and can be combined."
So PRICED well, GREAT customer service, from what I experienced.. and look at these products. :)

How cute! I love the variety of the beads that were on the items i received. I love long earrings.. so I was glad they were all dangles. But the are shorter dangles.. making them more versatile, and I think, easier for more customers. The only thing I prefer is having a back on my earrings, but i just go to Joanne Fabrics and buy a cheap pack of the rubber ends. :) No big deal.

I would give this store a 4-star rating, just from what I see.. only because I always know there is room for improvement. :)
Head on over to the Facebook fan page and say "hi!" :)
Don't forget to spend a minute perusing.. and enjoy the products you purchase! I know I do. :)