Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Delush Delicious

So I was looking through my Facebook newsfeed on new years eve (because that's what you do when you're trying to stay awake until the ball drops when you're a mom of 3 and you let them stay up to watch it.. right?) and i saw this deal i COULD NOT pass up.
Free shipping on ANY order AND (i believe it was) they had a bunch of polishes at 40-50% off! If I can get an Indie polish at the same price of a cheap store polish.. DING DING! Great price for a BETTER product!!

So I grabbed this little number, Wanna Dance With Some Bunny ;) Even though I'm not huge on glitter polishes, this one intrigued me.
It's not super snazzy.. it's a low key glitter. It's mostly shapes, not so much sparkle (i'm not much of a sparkle girl.. crazy right??).

So I tested it a couple ways.. I put a plain white polish on my nail and used 1 coat as a topper (ring finger) and then I ALSO tried it the way the little card said to wear it- why not follow instructions. ;)
So on my middle finger I did base coat, 3 coats of the Indie, and the top coat.
Not to mention this is a 5-free polish. No worries about weird chemicals!

Shipped quickly, great consistency, and i love the little quips written on the cards ;) Fun, informational, and the print on the Delush card gave me an idea for my next manicure. ;)

You can check out her Facebook HERE or just to straight to her store HERE.

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