Thursday, January 19, 2012

How Cheeky!

I've been friends with this mama for a while now.. and when she decided to branch out from cloth diapers to also making children's clothing, I was automatically interested in seeing her new product.

She made my 6 year old a long sleeve dress. She dropped it off a little before Christmas.. so this became a Christmas review. :) Which is ALWAYS fun!

And when I do a review, I always check out the product thoroughly.. inside, outside, the structure and construction of it.. i really check it out!

I love all the different prints and panels in this dress.. i love the length, the style, the coverage, and the ease of use (pull on, wash, dry.. doesn't wrinkle..)
The style and the material make it something I would want more of!

Knowing that it's well made AND my princess was happy.. made this product one that i can truly boast about.

Thank you, Beth at Cheeky Threds, for the opportunity to write about your shop. :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Adorable Designs

I contacted this mama at Christmas time (I was referred to her through another WAHM to get a special to made). I was looking for a Rudolph for my 4 year old.. who has wanted a Rud
olph doll for over a year now.

I was impressed with the response I received, and was happy with how I was taken care of.

And when I received the special toy in the mail, I was SUPER happy with it!
Even my husband said "This is homemade?.. wow.. very nice
job, VERY nice job".
It makes my proud when I have homemade items in my home that I can truly brag about.. and this is one of them.
And my daughter was SO happy with it, too. As you can
see. :)

Thank you, Little Demoura Designs, for blessing our family with a truly amazing product. :)

Crocheted Kisses

I was sent a pretty crocheted holder by the mama behind Things. by Christine.
I took it out of the package and looked at it for a minute.. how was I supposed to attach it to something without an opening (just a loop)?

Then I had an idea.

I looped it through itself around my belt loop. Perfect. :)
The fit of the the chapstick? Perfect. It doesn't go in too far, so it's easy to get out. But it's also a night tight crochet.. so it keeps it in nice and snug.

I also used it for my Nivea lip gloss (my fav, btw) and it still worked out great. :)

This can be hooked on ANY thing. Looped around solid things like belt loops, purse or diaper bag handles.. or anything that DOES have an open attachment, like the top of my sanitizer.

Check out Things. by Christine. See the other fun crocheted items she makes. :)