Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Iridophore.. not sure what that means.. but when i saw this on Etsy (was shopping around with a gift certificate from a friend).. i saw this is automatically thought "ooohhhh that'll be a pretty top coat" and the price was perfect. :) Had to get it!

must mean magical.. because really, the coloring in this really ads a sweet, magical touch to any color of the rainbow!

my husband said i should do rainbow nails.. so i picked out the colors (had to ad some.. ROY G BIV isn't 10 colors..)
and decided that i would use Iridophore as my top coat on all of them to see what it would look like on the different shades.

.. WOW..
this is perfect.. not too subtle, not too shocking.. it really IS a magically perfect glittery top coat.. and i love the variety of glitter in it.
even though it looks simple, but closer observation, it really just brings a different aspect to the color under it. they radiate off each other.
as you can see here.. all of these colors really worked together with this beauty.. absolutely nothing wrong with it at all!

the application was fantastic.. didn't take too long to dry.. and it was an easy removal, too! (sorry for the slight wear on the tips of my nail polish.. busy mom) :)

i really think this polish would be a great addition to any collection.
especially if you haven't had any of Chiralities polishes before.. like me.
i'm super happy with it, and combined with her customer service, i would recommend her store anytime.
her Facebook page and her Etsy store are always open to peruse and purchase.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Pretty Jelly: Rabbit Hole

(second and last review for Pretty Jelly from the polishes i won)
again.. PIC HEAVY!
i just can't decide which ones to delete! :)

ok.. with this one (Rabbit Hole) i half expected it to be a more clear glitter.. BUT it ended up being a beautiful dense DEEP polish.
what i mean by deep is..
i have 3 layers on my pointer and middle finger
2 layers on top of gold on my thumb
and 1 layer over black on my pinker

and when you take a minute to really look at it.. the depth of it is astounding. the way it layers over itself.. make you almost physically feel like you're falling! (into a Rabbit Hole, so to speak ;) )
i didn't know i would love this one so much.
but i can tell you right now, this is going to be one of my go-to indie's.

i love how with just 1 layer over black, it gives it a great reddish top coat.. and i didn't have to top coat this, either!
i also found out yesterday when i was driving.. i happened to glance at my polish in the sunlight, and it has sort of a golden undertone!


the glitters worried me a tad because at first glance at the bottle, they look kind of taco'y. so i was praying they wouldn't curl up on me. the cool thing about it? the way they shine LOOKS taco'y. BUT they do lay fantastically flat! it's another awesome feature that just ads to this polish.. to make it everyone's favorite. :)

all in all.. a VERY unique polish.. SO GLAD i won this. :)

thanks again, Pretty Jelly, for the giveaway! proud to own your product!
EVERYBODY.. head over to her Facebook page to check out more amazing products by her! :)