Wednesday, August 24, 2011

kids belt! kids belt! come and get em!

I did a trade with another Mom boutique.. not necessarily for a review.. but i know I'M always on the lookout for a kids belt.. since they're hard to find.. and especially for a good price!

This is ONE of the MANY talents this mama boutique has on staff!

Miriam and Hind's Boutique
has many great things available- felt flowers, hair clips, hair bow holders, socks and leggings, custom printed ribbon (i'm interested in this, as well, for my business!).. and of course the velcro kid belts.

I like the canvas backing, the customizable ribbon choices, the sturdy velcro.. and it seems to be pretty easy for my child to use herself. :) Which is a big plus for my "independant" child. :)

THANK YOU for this great product. :) I hope i can get more from you!

What Patty Cake Makes :)

What Does Patty Cake Make?! fantastic things! too many great things to list.. lol.

WELL we recieved a crocheted soaker from her!
It wasn't actually for a review item.. but i really think you should see it. :)
I've always wanted a soaker with the ruffly legs.. CHECK! got that :D
I've always wanted a soaker with flowers on the butt.. CHECK! got that :D

And i've always wanted to try wool as a pair of bloomers :) CHECK!

I don't lanolize them, 'cause i don't use it as a diaper cover.. but i LOVE how soft they are.. and they're very well made!

Just want to say thanks to Ms. Patty Carignan.. good job making what you make!
Check out all her wonderful things at What Patty Cake Makes on facebook

UNpaper towels.. yay for reusable!

Curwhibbles? What is that?
That's what i thought when i first saw the name of the fanpage. LOL. :)
So i hit the like button to be able to check it out.. i found some fun reusable things!! Diapers.. Unpaper towels.. wait what?

I've heard of them a bit before, tried 1 other brand before.. wasn't "really" impressed.. we use those ones as a hand towel snapped around the oven handle. So they aren't bad. But THIS mama.. had them snapped together.. around a paper towel holder.. covered in PUL.

I was intrigued. And since I generally look for the unique items in a store.. I asked her if she had some material that would match my kitchen (orange and green- earthy), I wanted to try them. WELL! I love the print that we agreed on. :)

And come to find out there are 10(!) unpaper towels on the roll! Since we use paper towels all the time, I wasn't sure how long that would last, but i figured.. eh.. never know until you try it.

I have used them to cover my bowl in the microwave (don't completely cover it, leave a small opening), wipe down my counter and floor messes, mop up splatters around my sink.. even used it under my bacon on a plate. I did use one to put new oil in my cast-iron pan.. yuck. lol paper towels are still useful for that ;). And i like the NOT white terrycloth on the back.. don't have to worry about stains!

BUT DEFINITELY definitely glad i decided to try these. :) CHECK OUT CURWHIBBLES! :)
Besides the fun name (giggle) she's an easy person to work with.. and great products for YOU!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

simply for school!

I was asking about different shops on my fanpage, and wondered if anyone made backpacks. I've become so much more aware of different WAHM shops through my wanderings, and I am SO much more inclined to buy homemade products, now, more than ever.

I started emailing the lady behind Simply Sanity Creations and she agreed to make a custom backpack for one of my daughters for school this year as a review item for her store!

The backpacks she makes are custom only.. she's done them for other people, also. You won't find them in her store, because each one is made specifially to the needs of the person purchasing.. which I think is AWESOME because no two people REALLY want to buy the same bag.. different pockets.. compartments.. straps.. different tastes.

This one we created together using the pattern for a Dora "Backpack" :) Complete with star pocket! Hand dyed material, custom printed fabric to match.. it's COMPLETELY lined with sparkly unicorns (my 4 year old, Alivia, is all about horses). VERY EASY for a kid to use! Adjustable shoulder straps.. I'm sold, lol. :)

Hurry and get your bags made for your kids before school starts! You will DEFINITELY be happy with something made by her! for stock items
or her fanpage on facebook to custom order a backpack!

Krista's Kreations

This brand new WAHM (about a month) send me a pretty little ring. It's completely hand twisted wire.. the band, the flower loops, and the small stem.
My 2 year old likes to twirl the bead, lol.

I love the unique structure of it, because usually when there's a flower on a ring, it's a solid piece. This metal, being pretty bendable, has me worried about 1 thing.. is the flower gets twisted back and forth too much, i'm wondering if it would come off. It seems to be fine.. but as a precaution, i put a dab of hot glue under the flower, by the "stem", seems to be holding much better. :)

The little foil dots on the yellow bead, combined with the same silver wire color, is a VERY pretty combination.. and looking at other items she has for sale.. Krista has a very good eye for color combinations.

Great job for just starting out! And being a business owner myself, I know that there is always room for improvement. :)
Go check out her fanpage at Krista's Kreations, see what is available! Lots of different items to choose from!