Sunday, August 7, 2011

Krista's Kreations

This brand new WAHM (about a month) send me a pretty little ring. It's completely hand twisted wire.. the band, the flower loops, and the small stem.
My 2 year old likes to twirl the bead, lol.

I love the unique structure of it, because usually when there's a flower on a ring, it's a solid piece. This metal, being pretty bendable, has me worried about 1 thing.. is the flower gets twisted back and forth too much, i'm wondering if it would come off. It seems to be fine.. but as a precaution, i put a dab of hot glue under the flower, by the "stem", seems to be holding much better. :)

The little foil dots on the yellow bead, combined with the same silver wire color, is a VERY pretty combination.. and looking at other items she has for sale.. Krista has a very good eye for color combinations.

Great job for just starting out! And being a business owner myself, I know that there is always room for improvement. :)
Go check out her fanpage at Krista's Kreations, see what is available! Lots of different items to choose from!

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