Wednesday, August 24, 2011

kids belt! kids belt! come and get em!

I did a trade with another Mom boutique.. not necessarily for a review.. but i know I'M always on the lookout for a kids belt.. since they're hard to find.. and especially for a good price!

This is ONE of the MANY talents this mama boutique has on staff!

Miriam and Hind's Boutique
has many great things available- felt flowers, hair clips, hair bow holders, socks and leggings, custom printed ribbon (i'm interested in this, as well, for my business!).. and of course the velcro kid belts.

I like the canvas backing, the customizable ribbon choices, the sturdy velcro.. and it seems to be pretty easy for my child to use herself. :) Which is a big plus for my "independant" child. :)

THANK YOU for this great product. :) I hope i can get more from you!

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