Sunday, March 31, 2013

Kawaii: Electric Connection

This was a fun review to do. :)
Kawaii sent me some great glitter polishes to try out and show you all!

The first one I used for my mani was Electric Connection. This is fun combination of milk and glitter!
The base is a nice milky color, with blue, green and yellow hex's.. a mix of mini's and mediums.

It's great by itself OR, to brighten it up, you can use a white base coat and use less of it. :) I used it over green (as seen in photos on my pinky) and it looks streaky. So using it over colors, i would discourage. I also did 2 thin coats of it on my right thumb (also in a photo) and that looks nice too. It takes 4 coats to be fully opaque. But I do like the depth that it creates.

The glitters lay nice and flat, no "taco" look which is great!
To me these looked like little pieces of cyberspace floating around on my fingers. :) And it almost doesn't need a top coat on it, it's quite smooth!

All in all, i would give this one 2 thumbs up. :)
Head on over to to check it all out, or the Etsy shop to purchase!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Indie Polish- Ruby White Tips #3

This mini "series" has come to an end :) I wanted to show you the whole fabulous package she sent me.

And it was fun to play with ideas for the nail polish pendant.. ended up going with the Kim Custom Collection.. which is the polish i'm reviewing for you today, as well!!

A lovely rose tinted NUDE holo!!
A fantastic neutral, fun to use as a detail color as well!
This color is opaque in two coats.. VERY easy to apply, no top coat needed! (which is good, because i've heard that top-coating a holo takes away some of the effect.)

Such a beautiful shade.. GREAT for wear, too! I put this on (thinking back..) wow, last Friday. And it's now the following Wednesday. No chipping.. which i've never seen with any other polish of mine after 5 days!!
And I made sure I did this review last because I knew i'd want to wear it for a while. LOL. Didn't know that this polish would have to make it through easter egg stuffing at church, vigorous dish washing and laundry, and 2 days of being sick. SO happy with this!

HEAD ON OVER TO and ask how to order your own!
Direct link to her Etsy store: and look for the polish named "Kim"

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Indie Polish- Ruby White Tips #2

The next polish that was in the package from Ruby White Tips is a purple called Gracelyn.

This polish was actually thought up by Laura's 9 year old daughter! :)
I LOVE the colors in this.. mostly purple.. BUT when the sunlight hits it right it's got green and blue in it as well!
Not quite holographic, but still gorgeous!

Now with this glitter, i put on 3 layers and it wasn't quite opaque yet. So i put on a 4th layer on my pinky. That makes it mostly opaque, but you can still see through it when you move it around up to the light.
This made a FANTASTIC top coat on my accent nail! I put one layer over a golden yellow polish, and it set it off just right!

It's a pretty stinky polish.. so for those of you who are sensitive to smells, I wouldn't recommend it. I'm still hoping she stocks it in the store for the rest of you. :)

Head over to to contact her, or her etsy store to purchase more amazing polishes!
Also, if you're on Facebook, follow her at

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Indie Polish- Ruby White Tips #1

I was on the lookout for some more Independent polish makers, so I could shed some light on this amazing homemade product.. and Ruby White Tips was referred to me.
She definitely let me "shed some light" on it!

I purchased a mystery box.. and she sent me 3 beautiful colors AND threw in a pendant, so I could make my own polish jewelry! HOW COOL! (that will be in the 3rd review post).
Since these polishes are all so gorgeous, I've decided to give each polish a review of it's own!

First off.. I fell in love with this beautiful light blue, almost periwinkle shade, glitter polish.
Now, what I DIDN'T know about this polish came as a fun surprise! It's a holo! Holo meaning holographic.. there are special micro-glitters added to it that cause an amazing rainbow effect.. ESPECIALLY when the sun hits it.

This polish is nice a creamy.. not thick, not runny, just the right consistency.. I didn't even have to do any cleanup with it. It stayed right on the nail, and the tiny bit that I accidentally got on my skin just wiped right off while wet.
It almost has a gradient effect.. which might be because of the holo, or just because of they way I applied it. Now, you could honestly just leave this at 1 coat.. it's a beautiful "not quite sheer" color, which could also be used ALMOST as a top coat! But I ended up with 2 coats on, and I think that's the perfect coverage for this! You could ad one more for full opacity, if you prefer.

The glitter is very dense, but it's so tiny it's a VERY easy application, and not gritty at all, though without top coat, it looks like it gives the nail some texture!

Now the way I figured out it was a holo.. I was taking some pics in the sun, and i kept seeing these little rainbows jumping out at me.. I was like "what the heck? did i accidentally leave on some of my other polish?" Taking a closer look, there were little rainbows all over in it! OMGOSH it's a holo!
{ACTION! Grab camera, take a million pics (literally 137) and start giggling} Yes, I know, totally nerdy of me.. but it's my first holo, and it made me all giddy.. living up to it's name "TWENTYONE".. made me feel super young again. :)

If I were you, I would head over to or ever her Facebook page, and see if you can grab one of these!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Personal Indie Polish- part 3

The last posting of my personal Independant (homemade- not by me) polish collection!

Today we're featuring a glow in the dark polish by Kawaii, and a glitter by Liquid Lacquer.. both of which I have in mini's.. but they do come in full size bottles.

Kawaii's polish, Light up The Night, is a pretty light blue glitter. They are small glitters, and a bit "grainy", texture wise. Density wise, it's also good coverage and easy to take off. I know some glitters can be crazy dense, and a pain in the patootie to get off because there's just so much of it. It doesn't take much with Light up The Night to get it just right.  It's VERY easy application, you don't need a lot of it. It's fun to use as a top coat as well! (wearing 1 coat in these photos)
.. and after you leave it on for a bit to soak up some sun.. it glows a pretty blue in the dark!!

 Unfortunately I wasn't able to capture it in the dark very well. But all you have to do is contact her to purchase your own and you'll see for yourself! :)

The other one by Liquid Lacquer is called Speed Stick. The pieces in this polish aren't really "glitter".. they are more like black flakies, combined with colorful circles!! I like this one because it's not "over the top", it's not a crazy glitter, nor is it "pretty". It's just fun to use. :) And it's very smooth! The pieces don't stick out, the lay perfectly on your nail, and they're not overwhelming or dense. (wearing 2 coats in these photos)

Here's are the links to shop these store, and fan them on Facebook! :)

Kawaii- Fanpage and Etsy store

Liquid Lacquer- Fanpage and Bigcartel store

I hope you enjoyed seeing some homemade polishes! I have some MORE fabulous Indie polishes on the way from another fantastic WAHM! :) I'm so excited to show you what's coming! :)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Personal Indie Polish- part 2

For this post, I went with a combination of "white" glitters.

I have another polish from the Bedazzleberry line, called Bedazzleberry Blanc.
I REALLY like this white.. because it's not a stark white. It's a very creamy color, with the same "splash" of hexagonal glitters that the other two have. I think it's a wonderful combination.. I used this on my accent nail.

Now the OTHER one I have on the rest of my fingers is a Darling Diva's polish called "Bazinga"- comically derived from the show "Big Bang Theory". :) This was a birthday present to me.. there are many awesome choices from this store on Etsy!

I really like the coverage with this. And the more layers you do, the glitter has a really cool effect.. there are different shapes and colors in it (hexagon, squares..) and shade of the polish itself is white with a BLUE'ISH tint.. my husband said my nails looked like candy. :)

I definitely recommend the Darling Diva's store. Super great polish at a reasonable price!
Make sure you "like" their page on facebook as well, to get the most recent updates!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Personal Indie Polish- part 1

This is the first blog post in a series of 3 about my personal collection of Indie nail polishes.

I want to remind you first of all that i'm not a beauty blogger, i just like to help home businesses. So I created this blog to be able to tell people about the stores i come across. :)
I hope you enjoy this series! :)

Now.. the first ones i'm using are called Bedazzleberry Rose and Mint. These are mini's, they were sent to me by a close friend.

Bedazzleberry Rose is a baby pink base with a pearly finish, and "splashed" with a bit of different colored and sized hexagon glitters.
Bedazzleberry Mint is a blueish mint without the pearly finish, and incorporated with the same glitter.

This brand contains harmless ingredients, dries super fast, and it's very durable!
Personally, this pink doesn't really speak to me.. but i'm not huge on pinks anyway. I do really like the mint, though. Not like something i would grab for every time.. but definitely a keeper. :)

It took 3 layers for me to get the coverage I wanted (note: i like to do thinner coats. if you like to do them thicker, 2 will be enough). is where you can shop for more products by this seller!