Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Indie Polish- Ruby White Tips #3

This mini "series" has come to an end :) I wanted to show you the whole fabulous package she sent me.

And it was fun to play with ideas for the nail polish pendant.. ended up going with the Kim Custom Collection.. which is the polish i'm reviewing for you today, as well!!

A lovely rose tinted NUDE holo!!
A fantastic neutral, fun to use as a detail color as well!
This color is opaque in two coats.. VERY easy to apply, no top coat needed! (which is good, because i've heard that top-coating a holo takes away some of the effect.)

Such a beautiful shade.. GREAT for wear, too! I put this on (thinking back..) wow, last Friday. And it's now the following Wednesday. No chipping.. which i've never seen with any other polish of mine after 5 days!!
And I made sure I did this review last because I knew i'd want to wear it for a while. LOL. Didn't know that this polish would have to make it through easter egg stuffing at church, vigorous dish washing and laundry, and 2 days of being sick. SO happy with this!

HEAD ON OVER TO and ask how to order your own!
Direct link to her Etsy store: and look for the polish named "Kim"

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