Thursday, July 28, 2011

mistical jewelry

The mom behind Misty's Mystical Jewelry sent this this GORGEOUS ring.. i put it on right away, and wore it the rest of the day!

When I talked to her about doing a review, I didn't really know what she was going to send me. I had been eyeballing a ring she posted.. but there are so many AMAZING items in her store.. I knew I would be happy with anything!

The way she works with beads and metal wire is just astounding. It looks so intricate.. and you can tell that behind each piece is put hard work, and a lot of love. This is not just a hobby for her (she didn't tell me that.. I can just tell from the quality). This is what she loves to do.

And I am PLEASED to be able to lead you to her!
ANYTHING you see on her site would be a fabulous item to own!

And get this.. she's hosting a GIVEAWAY on her fanpage through July 31st!

I'd say get your bootie over there and enter! Like her page and enter the giveaway!
I know I will be! :D

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Jewel-Kat indeed!

When I was waiting for my package of goodies from this mama, I didn't know it would be so chalk full of goodies!

jewelry, hair pretties, a pair of earrings and a keyfob!!
since my kids love keyfobs, i let my 4 yr old put it in her purse :)

the shade of pink in the earrings is such a nice subtle pink, it goes SO nicely with any kind of pink OR red i own!
the necklaces pair nicely with MULTIPLE things, they're easy to slip on over your head, though they do have a clasp.. which i ALSO love because it reminds me of the chains on "dog tags". very easy to use.
i LOVE the beading and intricacy of the bracelets.. making them easy to wear anywhere!

all the hair accessories were also well made, and my girls love them, too.

thank you so much, Jewel-Kat, for showing us that classy, fun pretties for moms and kids CAN exist in the same store!

a pack of fun

i recieved a package from Pooky Packs with a small crayon roll and a reusable sandwich wrap to review.
VERY cute, easy to use products!

my 2 year old took off with the crayon roll right away (and it motivated ME to get rid of my old crayons bits, and only keep the long ones) lol.
she HAS to use them at least once a day because of the crayon roll . :)

the sandwich wrap, on the other hand.. is super easy to use, keeps the air off my sandwich, and i LOVE that i don't have to throw it away. the inner is super easy to wipe down. and i love the material. the way it folds is super convenient.

THANK YOU Pooky Packs for providing products we can use "everyday" and EASY enough to use every day!

Monday, July 18, 2011

More Than Wool

I don't remember how I found this shop, but i'm glad I did. :)
Bellwethers Dryer Balls is a shop that is dedicated to reusing materials we already have. She's been doing amazing things with tshirts and mens ties!

I was lucky enough to recieve a tshirt necklace and a bar of rainbow wool felted soap!

The necklace I wore to work the same day I got it in the mail. :) I got so many comments on it, and I actually gave a lady the info to order one for herself! :D The rosette on it is TOO cool. She uses the hem of the tshirt, so it's thick enough to keep it's shape, and it's wound just right, so it won't fall apart or loosen up.

The wool bar of soap was a bit of a learning curve. I tried to use it as a bar of soap usually would be used (slather it on your washcloth or pouf, then wash your body), but that didn't work very well. So I asked her about it.. and apparently I was supposed to just slather up with the bar of soap ITSELF.. so there's no need for a washcloth! Which, I think, is an ingenious idea. :) Cuts down on laundry, it feels so nice and soft on your skin, but yet it's also scrubby. And the scent of the soap is SO nice. It's just a fantastic "clean" smell.. I was sniffing my skin all day. lol. :)

I'm going to give Bellwethers 2 thumbs up..
for unique products..
for great customer service..
and for creating things from preowned products, so we're not making MORE things to throw out, we're keeping things FROM being thrown out.

Thank you for this opportunity. :)
Check out her facebook page here.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Inspired Hair Wear!

Inspired by Imara worked with my to come up with some hair pretties in my selected colors and needs.

I was sent a photo of the items before they were mailed to me, to make sure it was what i wanted. They turned out beautiful. ;)

i am LOVING the ribbon wrapped snap clips. and the fabric on the headband.. the flowers are made SO well.. LOVE the raw edges! :)

the snap clips in my 4 year old's hair were FANTASTIC. just what i needed to keep her long, fine, curly hair up out of her face, while still looking adorable. :) AND my mother in law loves them too. :) Alivia wore them to a weekend at "Memaw's" house.

My husband thought the headband was cute on me, too. :) So there ya have it!
hair pretties for all ages! :D in one shop!

Inspired by Imara is also having a giveaway!
3 things to do to enter:
1. like Inspired by Imara on facebook (mention CC Bums sent you)
2. like CC Bums on facebook
3. leave your email, so we can get ahold of you!


this giveaway will run until friday night (july 15th). the winner will be emailed on Saturday, the 16th.
a headband and set of snapclips!!

get crackin'! :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Yummy for mummy!

A new up and coming mama, Lexie at Lexie: Lip & Lotion, is making earth friendly chapstick and lotion!

BUT it's not just any lotion!
The way she makes it is different than one would think. It's a solid square. You rub it a bit, break a small piece off, and once it's soft and pliable between your fingers, you massage it into your skin! It was nice and warm when it came to me (from the weather being so sunny lately) so i just jumped right in and smoothed some on my skin. :)
VERY easy to use, nice and moist, and it doesn't leave that weird feeling some lotions do!

AND lets not forget the chapstick. Three different ones, original, lavendar and vanilla.
The lavender scent is SO nice.. and the vanilla is so deliciously subtle, it's hard to pass up. :)

i love the products
i love the customer service
i love that she makes it her own way
and i love that she's trying to help other people use better products on their bodies and their babies!

thank you Lexie for your products!
check out her etsy shop for what's in stock and quick to purchase!


This facebook fanpage, LouLeeLuv, sent me a box FULL of fabulous hair things to check out!
She was going to make something for each of my girls.. and she did! They even had their own little name tags on their special items. :) And (I just found out) the hat is for ME just as a special little ad on! (guess what? i kept the two green clips for myself HAHA).

These are VERY unique.. everything is hand folded FABRIC! As far as I can see, there is no ribbon involved!
AND the back of each one is reinforced with an extra piece of material and (I believe) hot glue. These puppies will not fall apart! I guarantee it!

I was seriously stunned by the craftsmanship of these.. for about 20 minutes. I just kept staring at them, taking millions of photos, checking them over again and again. I am STILL in awe of how fantastic these are.

These would make great little gifts, something special for a little girl or friend, or just something fantastic for yourself!! Believe me, when you buy one of her handmade items.. you will NOT be disappointed.

Check out her "in stock" store on etsy, too. She has BEAUTIFUL little bobby pins, as well!