Monday, February 24, 2014

lucky leprechaun- La Bella Vernice (warning, pic heavy!)

Just to put this out there.. i have quite the privilege, being able to write this blog. Seeing all the wonderful handmade things that i do.. there are so many talented people out there.. putting their talents to work!!

That said.. I have blogged about this mama's work once before, La Bella Vernice, when i received three of her polishes as a birthday gift. :) 

This glitter is no exception.. I won this in a giveaway. :) 
I am not paid to tell you what I think.. this is my honest opinion (as is every time i write!). 

I have to say.. at first I was a tad worried about this glitter. By seeing it in the bottle, I could tell it was pretty dense, and hoped it wouldn't be TOO dense.. I personally don't like a LOT of glitter on my nails, generally. 
This surprised me. 

It IS a dense glitter.. but i found that, for a couple reason, I enjoy it! 
1. It ads a gemstone-like "bling" to your manicure.. i love gemstones. :) 
2. It's thick enough to wear; it's not a "drippy" polish. I hate when the glitters don't stay on the brush long enough to make it to your nail! They drop off back into the bottle.. annoying. Not these!

3. It's not so dense that you can't see the undies.. i picked 3 complimenting colors to try this over, and even with the green under it, you can still SEE the green.. it helps create a great depth!
The undies I chose
4. It didn't overwhelm me.. and lot of times, if glitter is TOO "glittery", I won't want to wear it (i have 2 Sally Hansen Gem Crush polishes.. that i really only wear like once a year.. because they're just.. too much). And this gave me that same "gem" look, without going crazy. 

I love that there are different sizes to the glitters.. the large hex's were fun to fish out and place where I wanted them. :) A couple of them surprised me, 'cause they were hiding in the middle of the small ones!

Outdoor Lighting
Outdoor Lighting
The glitter.. isn't ONLY GREEN! As you can see from the photos, they actually exude different elements of the rainbow! So just like it's name "Lucky Leprechaun", it shows a bit of the rainbow! SO FUN! I love that there are actually small yellow hex's throughout.. it really gives it more dimension. 

I doubled up the glitter on my pinkies just to ad some more pizzazz.. and i still love it!
hmm.. putting it over red for a fun Christmasy delight.. i like that idea too! or over yellows and oranges for a springy/summery feel! SEE.. so many possibilities!
Check out her work on Facebook and also see her website for more!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

CC Bums- wipes

i've used baby wet wipes for ever- for more than just what they're intended for. ;) 

Great for baby bums, of course, but what about those little sticky faces? fingers? a quick wipe down of the fridge? a mess on the floor? is it soft enough to use on a window?

guess what.. yes they are!! :) 
beCAUSE.. cloth baby wipes can be used for ANYTHING. :) 

flannel, cottons, velours, even sherpa and micro fleece.. are GREAT options for reusable wipes.. and we carry them all. :) lots of prints, lots of solid colors.. either purchase them straight from the online store, or custom order them to your liking. 

they are 5x7, $1.50 each.. so great size, rounded edges, and won't break the bank. :) 
and especially great option if you're shopping for a baby shower! can be used for washcloths, too!

a great versatile product.. 
take em in the car, leave em in the kitchen.. 
many ready to ship, and of COURSE many fabric options for those who prefer to choose their own fabric.
check them out here (clearance), and visit our fan page for more info/options.

CC Bums- breast pads

I would like to tell you today about CC Bums breast pads.

When i was pregnant/breastfeeding, before I even though of opening this business, it was hard for me to find disposable breast pads that i really liked.
Either they were the wrong shape, or they weren't the right size, or the sticky on the back was a pain in the butt, or they were not waterproof.. nothing seemed to work just right.

So once i got the opportunity (through opening my business) to work with some other fabrics, i created this pattern out of that necessity!

I at first only made 4" and 5".. because i didn't know there was a need for any larger.. but then one day i had a special custom order to make a 6" pair.

Not every woman is the same size up top, and not every breastfeeding mother creates the same amount of milk.
And not every mom decides to breast feed! These can be used just for leakage during your pregnancy!

So I decided to keep all three sizes IN the store, ready to sell, and to use different types of fabrics!
Cottons, velour, sherpa, hemp, bamboo and stay dry materials.
Two things always remain the same.. there is always an absorbent core, so leakage is never a problem.
AND there is always fleece on the back.. that doesn't slide around, and allows for waterproofing.

So why do i recommend my breast pads above others?
Because of the wide variety of materials.. either ready to ship, or availability for customization.. and for the personal touch you get from my customer service. I know the quality of materials that goes into making these, I use a professional serger so I know the threads are always top notch, and I know that from doing my homework myself, I have made the best pair of breast pads I know how.

Please feel free to peruse my store..
and don't forget.. every new mom deserves to be comfortable.. her body, and her wallet.