Friday, January 21, 2011


This is a COOL idea. :)Link

Well.. we're getting more and more creative and further away from plastics.. going greener all the time. Since that's what i'm all about, i found this to be really sweet. :)

Glass straws. :)
But not just any glass straw.. these are Strawesome!
These are based in my home state.. Michigan. :) So cool to recieve something from a "local" company. :)

I had a glass of grapefruit juice on the table when this came in the mail.. so of course, being the "reviewer" that i am.. i immediately plopped it in there and snapped a shot of myself drinking from it.

It's definitely a different feeling, having a glass thing in my mouth that i'm sucking through. But it's really neat too!! My husband played around with it for a bit, i let my girls check it out.. under strict supervision of course.. i dont want them breaking my awesome straw. :) It's nice thick glass too.. and it's DECORATIVE :D

Go ahead and check it out!!
I may have to order some more!!
Strawesome on facebook

my fluffy lumps :)

I have a bit of a history about this one.
I have used WAHM dryer balls before, and the last time i had them, they ended up unraveling, and were made into scrappy pants for my little bug (which are also in another review, for WhiteElephants).

So i was a little nervous this time, doing a review on some WAHM wool dryer balls.. and.. air fresheners??

I was able to choose my own scents for these, which i just recently found out was possible.. scented dryer balls.
So i chose two that sounded odd.. but interesting intriguing, Yuzu and Agave Lime.

The minute i opened this package, i was overwhelmed with the scent.. but in a VERY GOOD way! :D I was excited to take them out and smell them some more. lol. call me a nerd.. for that's what i am. :)

The dryer balls were the Agave Lime scent.. and the funny thing is, i just had put a load in the washer, so i was able to use them right away. My 3 year old had had a bloody nose the night before, so all her linens were in the wash.. this load being a blanket and her new Pillow Pet. And after i threw these in with them.. oooohh fabulous soft fluffiness. :) I loved the subtly scent the balls left behind, also. I swear this blanket hasn't felt this good since.. i dont know.. last summer? (it's a lighter blanket, so it's really good year round)

And I tried to find my smallest vase to put the air freshener balls in.. cause they were SO MUCH TINIER than i imagined. :) hehe. but ADORABLE. well.. apparently, my favorite bud vase was lost in the move, cause i couldn't find it anywhere. :( anyways, i made do with this smaller vase.. and i love the scent of these. :) I am going to have to find more of like a "bowl"ish dish, cause my kids like to smell them, and the packaging says not to let children touch them. So I wanna make sure the balls and the children are safe.

But i definitely have to say in all.. i love my new fluffy lumps from Fluffalumps on facebook. :)

one, two, three.. SHOP!

One of my new favorite stores to "stalk".. onetwothreeshop on facebook. :)

I am loving the variety of items she makes. From dresses, to two piece outfits, to jammies, and even a little boy set here and there. (And i've heard she's branching into mommy clothes sometime this year).

We got this cut little number for my 5 year old for her birthday. :)
I think the thing I love most about this is it's versatile. We're using it now with a long sleeve shirt under it for the cold season.. but once it hits summer.. she can wear this to church, or to a birthday party, or as jammies.. the possibilities are wide spread.

And the print on this also is perfect. :)
"Tomboy princess".. perfectly describes her. :) From Barbie's to bicycles, to climbing jungle gyms and wearing pretty things. It's just what the dr ordered. :)

Go ahead and look through her things.. you'll love it all. :) I swear I "like" about 80% of her photos. LOL. Yup, i'm a stalker. :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

manely recycled

I saw these on Facebook and I was just in LOVE!
My girls ALL love animals.. so I figured if I asked about doing a review, we could give a good one. And if they said no.. no harm done. :) Well.. surprisingly.. I got a yes. :) They asked what kind I would like.. I wondered if she could do a pink zebra.. tada.. yup. :)

When I got this in the mail, it was a little smaller than I expected. So I knew the perfect little girl to give it to.. my youngest, 2 year old Zoe. :) She takes care of her toys.. she's not as rough as the other two. ;)

And she LOVES it. :) She named it "Neigh". lol.
And she loves to sleep with it. :)
The only thing I would say is to make the ribbons a little shorter. I made mine into a knotted loop for her to grab while she rides on it. :)
I just have to say WE LOVE IT! GREAT WORK!

PLEASE go check out Manely Recycled on Facebook. :)

pretty cuddly :)

I was talking to a lady on facebook about a WAHM, and was directed to the fanpage.. I looked through the albums.. and noticed she made little girls skirts. Wondered if she had ever had someone write up a review for her things.

So I contacted her about this.. and was immediately told to choose the fabric from the customs album.. and she would send me one. :)
So I had my 3 year old daughter, pick out the fabric (i secretly had it made for her).. and we decided to ad a ruffle to the bottom as well.

I was SO looking forward to her work. :)
I received her package in the mail and knowing what was inside, opened it up, expecting the kitty skirt from the fleece we chose. I did NOT expect it to be SO STINKIN CUTE! lol.

Alivia put it on when she got home from school and twirled and played in it. :) (I think she likes it.. lol). The work on this item was really good! I checked the stitching, and scrutinized the ruffle on the bottom. I definitely love the ruffle. And my little girl does too. :)
I give Mommy's Sewing Corner on Facebook 2 thumbs up. :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

like a fairytale

I was perusing the hair clip waters of facebook.. and ran across this BEAUTIFUL butterfly clip at Whimsical Fairytales.. I just HAD to ask if she had ever had a review done on her products.

It was a very pleasant experience talking with Sarah, the owner of Whimsical Fairytales.
I recieved the clip I was looking at to write about.. AND she's offering a butterfly clip as a GIVEAWAY ITEM to a winner. :)

I put it in my hair the second I took it out of the package. :) The beadwork is so beautiful.. and the wings on this butterfly are exquisite. LOVELY to say the least. I've never been a fan of gold, honestly, but this is one of those items that just takes your breath away, no matter what you think you might like. Then again, I've ALWAYS been a fan of gemstones and sparkle.. so that's probably why I love it!!

Want a chance to win one yourself?!

go to her facebook page and choose from whatever butterfly clip colors that are in stock! you will receive one (1) butterfly clip in the color of your choice :D

You have to comment on this blog post with your email

1. Like Whimsical Fairytales on Facebook
2. Like CC Bums on Facebook
3. Like Reviewed by CC on Facebook
posting on her wall that RBCC sent you is appreciated, but not mandatory

you MUST post seperately for each one of these
ie post 1, email, post 2, liked WF, post 3, liked CC Bums, post 4, liked RBCC

her email is if you would like to contact her about another item

this contest will go until Friday night, I will email the person who won, and let them know the details on how to claim their prize.
if you do not receive an email, you did not win

soft and comfy wonderland

I was approached by a new WAHM who wanted help getting her business up and going.. she wanted me to check out her new product.. and I accepted the challenge. :)

She made sure the colors were the same as the girls coats.. she made a scarf for one, and a hat for the other.. and they turned out SO cute. :)

The hat is a bit big for the 2t size, so maybe sizing down a tad.. but all in all.. she did great.. especially for just starting out!! So props to Leah at LeahnWonderland!

she can be reached at
or you can check out her facebook fanpage HERE
or see her in stock items on etsy HERE

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

ooohh.. fleecey pandas :D

I had heard about 3 Tiny Blessings a while ago.. but just recently have actually been looking at the products. And I saw that she made "mommy/daugther" sets for little girls and their dolls. I decided to contact her about doing a review.

She had a new pattern for her jammies she was wanting to try out.. so I took her up on that. I decided to be her guinea pig. ;)

I picked a panda fleece from her materials that were available, gave her Jazmine's size, and let her have at it. I received the item the day before my daughters birthday. :) How perfect is that!! :)

She put it the jammies promptly on the doll after pulling them out of the package.. and she decided to wear her big girl jammies that night for bed. :)

I have to say I love the pattern that was used. :) It was a tad big, which is kinda good, cause she can grow into it, and it'll last longer. I would just say size down the pattern a tad.. it's a great product!! :)

view her store on etsy for inventory, or visit the fanpage on facebook

She has MANY items available.. not just children's clothing.. go ahead and peruse.

keep the baby clean!

I am honored to review a double sided pocket bib from a fellow bib maker! :)
I have once again received another fabulous item from My Baby Bug.

I have to admit.. it was a little thicker than i'm used to.. and it being only one snap setting, I was wondering if it would fit all my children.. and smaller/larger.
Well I tried it on my 6 mth old niece at Christmas, and also used it on my 4 yr old and 2 yr old. And I have to say thought it's not the same as my everyday favorites, it's definitely worth the purchase.
And I did like that it was a bit wider.. aka more coverage. This one would be really good for messy toddlers and if a child spilled a whole cup of milk on themselves. ;) (which seems to happen more than we want, lol)
The only other thing I might suggest is to leave a little more space for the bib to open. It seemed like it wanted to lay flat.. but It might just need another wash to soften it more. :)

it's a chick thing

When I first ran into this mom's business, I was drawn mainly because of the name.
And then I saw she made RIBBON WRAPPED HEADBANDS! I was so geeked. :)

She offered to send me one for my daughter to review.. so we picked out the colors.. and it arrived just in time to pack up for Christmas. :)
I was so excited to see what my daughters would think.. I love headbands.. and these unique ribbon headbands were definitely what I had been looking for. :)

As you can see, my 5 year old loves it. :) And of course, it matched perfectly with her Dorothy dress. ;) I give this one 2 thumbs up.. great customer service, great product.. and a great outcome. :)
Go check it out on Facebook!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Gina's specialty

A new WAHM (work at home mom), Regina Myers, and I did a trade.. I sent her two diapers, she made me an amber necklace.. that first one she's ever made..

And I have to say.. I love it. :)
I've been wearing it for 3 days now, I love the color, very neutral to anything I would wear.. and I've noticed I have more energy.. I actually vaccuumed yesterday because I WANTED to. lol. :)
It was very well put together.. kudos to Regina Myers. :)

If you'd like one too, the price is comparable to any other WAHM made amber jewelry.. just message Regina Myers (of Michigan) on Facebook, or email her at She's more than happy to make more for you. :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

embroidered specialty and fleecey warmth

i made my daughters some leggies for christmas and sent them to Jasmin at My Baby Bug to be embroidered with their initials.. the girls love them. :) and i think it was a FABULOUS job. :)

i also asked her if she made socks.. and TADA she did.. so i ordered myself a few pair cause i ALWAYS have cold toes. and well.. cold no more. :)
i got 6 pair of fleece socks in various colors and two different heights (ankle and calf)
they are comfy and the PERFECT size.

i definitely recommend this mama for your special needs. :)