Sunday, January 16, 2011

pretty cuddly :)

I was talking to a lady on facebook about a WAHM, and was directed to the fanpage.. I looked through the albums.. and noticed she made little girls skirts. Wondered if she had ever had someone write up a review for her things.

So I contacted her about this.. and was immediately told to choose the fabric from the customs album.. and she would send me one. :)
So I had my 3 year old daughter, pick out the fabric (i secretly had it made for her).. and we decided to ad a ruffle to the bottom as well.

I was SO looking forward to her work. :)
I received her package in the mail and knowing what was inside, opened it up, expecting the kitty skirt from the fleece we chose. I did NOT expect it to be SO STINKIN CUTE! lol.

Alivia put it on when she got home from school and twirled and played in it. :) (I think she likes it.. lol). The work on this item was really good! I checked the stitching, and scrutinized the ruffle on the bottom. I definitely love the ruffle. And my little girl does too. :)
I give Mommy's Sewing Corner on Facebook 2 thumbs up. :)

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