Sunday, January 16, 2011

manely recycled

I saw these on Facebook and I was just in LOVE!
My girls ALL love animals.. so I figured if I asked about doing a review, we could give a good one. And if they said no.. no harm done. :) Well.. surprisingly.. I got a yes. :) They asked what kind I would like.. I wondered if she could do a pink zebra.. tada.. yup. :)

When I got this in the mail, it was a little smaller than I expected. So I knew the perfect little girl to give it to.. my youngest, 2 year old Zoe. :) She takes care of her toys.. she's not as rough as the other two. ;)

And she LOVES it. :) She named it "Neigh". lol.
And she loves to sleep with it. :)
The only thing I would say is to make the ribbons a little shorter. I made mine into a knotted loop for her to grab while she rides on it. :)
I just have to say WE LOVE IT! GREAT WORK!

PLEASE go check out Manely Recycled on Facebook. :)

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