Tuesday, January 11, 2011

keep the baby clean!

I am honored to review a double sided pocket bib from a fellow bib maker! :)
I have once again received another fabulous item from My Baby Bug.

I have to admit.. it was a little thicker than i'm used to.. and it being only one snap setting, I was wondering if it would fit all my children.. and smaller/larger.
Well I tried it on my 6 mth old niece at Christmas, and also used it on my 4 yr old and 2 yr old. And I have to say thought it's not the same as my everyday favorites, it's definitely worth the purchase.
And I did like that it was a bit wider.. aka more coverage. This one would be really good for messy toddlers and if a child spilled a whole cup of milk on themselves. ;) (which seems to happen more than we want, lol)
The only other thing I might suggest is to leave a little more space for the bib to open. It seemed like it wanted to lay flat.. but It might just need another wash to soften it more. :)

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  1. FYI.. yup.. it just took a couple more washes to soften up the flannel pocket :) it works great now :D