Friday, January 21, 2011


This is a COOL idea. :)Link

Well.. we're getting more and more creative and further away from plastics.. going greener all the time. Since that's what i'm all about, i found this to be really sweet. :)

Glass straws. :)
But not just any glass straw.. these are Strawesome!
These are based in my home state.. Michigan. :) So cool to recieve something from a "local" company. :)

I had a glass of grapefruit juice on the table when this came in the mail.. so of course, being the "reviewer" that i am.. i immediately plopped it in there and snapped a shot of myself drinking from it.

It's definitely a different feeling, having a glass thing in my mouth that i'm sucking through. But it's really neat too!! My husband played around with it for a bit, i let my girls check it out.. under strict supervision of course.. i dont want them breaking my awesome straw. :) It's nice thick glass too.. and it's DECORATIVE :D

Go ahead and check it out!!
I may have to order some more!!
Strawesome on facebook

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