Tuesday, January 11, 2011

ooohh.. fleecey pandas :D

I had heard about 3 Tiny Blessings a while ago.. but just recently have actually been looking at the products. And I saw that she made "mommy/daugther" sets for little girls and their dolls. I decided to contact her about doing a review.

She had a new pattern for her jammies she was wanting to try out.. so I took her up on that. I decided to be her guinea pig. ;)

I picked a panda fleece from her materials that were available, gave her Jazmine's size, and let her have at it. I received the item the day before my daughters birthday. :) How perfect is that!! :)

She put it the jammies promptly on the doll after pulling them out of the package.. and she decided to wear her big girl jammies that night for bed. :)

I have to say I love the pattern that was used. :) It was a tad big, which is kinda good, cause she can grow into it, and it'll last longer. I would just say size down the pattern a tad.. it's a great product!! :)

view her store on etsy for inventory, or visit the fanpage on facebook

She has MANY items available.. not just children's clothing.. go ahead and peruse.

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