Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Very Handy

I was talking to a mom via gmail about a few products we both make and she agreed to let me check out her hand towels.

She asked me what colors and materials I would prefer.. she wanted to make them to fit my lifestyle. Which I think is wonderful. And she's so easy to work with.
A little while ago I got a package in the mail from her, completely forgetting that she was making these for me, it was a great surprise to open the package and see these beautiful handmade hand towels in colors that PERFECTLY complimented our kitchen. I was beyond thrilled. :) I added the snaps so they would hang easier (which she plans on adding herself in the future).
This mama also makes many more products.. stop by her Facebook Fanpage, named Her Majesty's Closet.
All first time orders get 25% off
AND she offers free shipping.. only paid through paypal.

This mama is also giving away a $25 in store credit!

In order to win this, you must:

1. Become a follower of this blog.
2. Become a fan of CC Bums on Facebook.
3. Become a fan of Her Majesty's Closet on Facebook.. and tell her who you were sent by!
4. post a reply to this blog and tell us which of these you have done! more entries= better chance to win!

If you don't reply to this blog, I won't know you entered.

This contest ends August 31! Sept 1 the entries will be counted and the winner will be contacted! please leave your email on your blog comment so we know how to get ahold of you. :)

Mistical Beauty

I have known this mom for a little while now.. actually met (again) through CC Bums.. knew her from a while ago. :)
She has had an etsy for a bit and her products I have actually seen in person.. they are GREAT! :)
Misty from Mistical Arts on Facebook makes handcrafted jewelry, artsy hair clips, recycles materials.. it's a flair all her own. :)
I was lucky to get a pair of earrings and some hair clips from her to review.. and i'm LOVING them.
This is my second day already wearing them.. they're so well put together and so universal, they are the perfect compliment for me. :)

And the hairclips are just the bit of fun and flair i wanted, being a mother of three. Didn't want something too crazy, or too kiddish.. just a little something to "pretty me up" every now and then.

I think she does a wonderful job. And i'm sure you will too! Head on over to her Facebook page and tell her Cami at CC Bums sent you!

Friday, August 13, 2010


I was perusing through some of my favorite Work At Home Mom's on facebook and one of them led me to this fabulous little shop that specialized in handmade purses. I was immediately intrigued by how well they looked!

I was like "no WAY she really made that!"
I asked about writing a review on one.. and I was asked what I was looking for. I threw out a few specifications, asking a few questions, because I have never had a purse made just for me before.. I wanted something classy.. small enough to be a purse, but big enough to use with children, just in case.. since I do have three young daughters. Wanted something with neutrals.. but fun, also. And this is what Carmen came up with. BEAUTIFUL!

I saw the photo and I was like "no way that's mine" and then yesterday when it showed up in a package with my name on it.. I WAS FLOORED!

This bag is a genuine piece of art!
It was designed specifically for me.. so I would have a fantastic bag to take with me.. no matter what the occasion. I'm in LOVE! And the prices are so reasonable, also.

You have GOT to have something fun for yourself.. why not start with a great bag.. to compliment your everday life?

Head over to Soy Asi... on Facebook. Carmen Marcias has awesome customer service and knows exactly how to make what YOU want.

Beautiful Beadwork

A new "work at home wife" sent me a beautiful hand-beaded bracelet for me to try out.. and what I have to say is.. I love it! :)
(She also made bracelets for my little girls, which are also on her website)

I loved the quality of the glass beads, the beautiful cross pendant in the middle.. and the thread she uses is a great quality too! I know this bracelet is going to last a LONG time..
Bethany of Biffin's Bracelets is the person you want to go to for quality jewelry for yourself or as a gift!

No lady should be without a beautiful piece of handcrafted jewelry.