Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mistical Beauty

I have known this mom for a little while now.. actually met (again) through CC Bums.. knew her from a while ago. :)
She has had an etsy for a bit and her products I have actually seen in person.. they are GREAT! :)
Misty from Mistical Arts on Facebook makes handcrafted jewelry, artsy hair clips, recycles materials.. it's a flair all her own. :)
I was lucky to get a pair of earrings and some hair clips from her to review.. and i'm LOVING them.
This is my second day already wearing them.. they're so well put together and so universal, they are the perfect compliment for me. :)

And the hairclips are just the bit of fun and flair i wanted, being a mother of three. Didn't want something too crazy, or too kiddish.. just a little something to "pretty me up" every now and then.

I think she does a wonderful job. And i'm sure you will too! Head on over to her Facebook page and tell her Cami at CC Bums sent you!

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