Monday, May 31, 2010

Like royalty

An up and coming WAHM, Samantha Palacio of Palace Scents, has my attention. She has a Facebook fanpage and a Weebly store to purchase products from.
Today (memorial day 2010) I used her bug spray at the beach and outdoors at my family's house.. and we got barely any bug bites.. when usually, even with the store bought stuff, we get eaten alive!

I also have her room spray and it makes my house smell so good! A mixture of lavendar and citrus.. it's very refreshing. :)

I also have a homemade organic deoderant of hers on the way.. I will ad to this review when I get a chance to use it. :) Two BIG thumbs up for Palace Scents!
She carries more than just these 3 products, including teething necklaces.. so check her out!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

organic made

Luvs Jurn3 is a mama who makes her items with organic cotton.
We have a black velvet dress with a silver tie that my 3 year old LOVES.. it's her "pretty dress" :)

Also have an elephant tunic for my 4 year old.. nice and cool and cute for summer. :)

My kids love her stuff.. I do too. :) She does more than just adorable girl stuff.. she has things for boys too. :)
Organic baby wipes, bibs, embellishments.. Tricia Quick is a wonderful mama to work with.
She's also on

for the mama's

This mama and I set up shop at the same time.. we helped each other test our products.. we give each other honest feedback.. and i can honestly say that even though to each his own.. she makes great things. :)

Michelle Wallace of Gem Cloth has expanded her line to make 4 different styles of mama cloth, and three types of diapers.. all mostly made from upcycled materials!
Her mama cloth is so comfortable.. and because of the different patterns.. there's something for everyone!
Her diapers are also great! I have used her one-size cotton pocket diapers and her onesize pinnable fitteds. Great absorbancy, great mom to work with.

twirlie skirt, sundresses and jammies.. oh my!

I have been a friend to this mama for a little while now, and once she started up her business.. I could not resist but to try one. :)

This ADORABLE cotton sundress is perfect for a hot summer day. :) Not just for sundays and special occasions.. it's great to play in! The craftsmanship is awesome.. and the customer service Tessa Provides is A+.

I also tried a tshirt made by her, and I can say it fits my little girl PERFECTLY.. the sizing is right on. :) And she even threw in a matching headband!

I may be a little biased.. but honestly.. I haven't seen this kind of seamstress work since my mom made things for me when I was little. And she offers so much more in her shop.. Meme's Boutique.

Headbands, tutus, two types of sundresses, tshirts, jammies, coats.. and she's always expanding her line!

I always check back to see what's coming up next!

Friday, May 28, 2010

what this blog is about

Hi, I'm Cami. :) i'm the owner of an up and coming green business called CC Bums. I would like to review products made by other work at home moms and use my business page to be able to help them get their products out there.. more well known.. through the traffic of my website.

If you would like me to review your product.. get ahold of me! I'm open to MANY things. JUST ASK :D