Monday, May 31, 2010

Like royalty

An up and coming WAHM, Samantha Palacio of Palace Scents, has my attention. She has a Facebook fanpage and a Weebly store to purchase products from.
Today (memorial day 2010) I used her bug spray at the beach and outdoors at my family's house.. and we got barely any bug bites.. when usually, even with the store bought stuff, we get eaten alive!

I also have her room spray and it makes my house smell so good! A mixture of lavendar and citrus.. it's very refreshing. :)

I also have a homemade organic deoderant of hers on the way.. I will ad to this review when I get a chance to use it. :) Two BIG thumbs up for Palace Scents!
She carries more than just these 3 products, including teething necklaces.. so check her out!

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