Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Banner up!

Another review for Jewel-Kat.. turning out to be one of my all time favorite stores!! :D

You know those paper birthday banners you can get for cheap at the store, that you hang up, look all cute, you fold it up for the next time, and after a while, they fall apart and you throw them out?!

This is not that product.

A reusable, washable, customizable banner!
You can put WHATEVER you WANT on it!

I received one that was "generic" of sorts. Says "happy birthday" in colors that i can use for ANY birthday party! For a family member, a child, a friend, a coworker.. my boss..

This is GREAT!
The price is reasonable.. the letters are PAINTED on, so there's no stitching to come apart on each triangle..
You can fold them back to back into a small compact pile that will fit anywhere for storage..

They are zigzag cut and straight stitched on the edge, so they won't fray or fall apart.
They are "hung" with bias tape.. so there's no ribbon strung through that might fall out.. the ends are looped and tacked to hook, or pin, or nail, or tape.. HOWEVER you want to attach it!

This is by far one of the coolest, most use friendly, birthday banners ever. :)
If you don't even CONSIDER purchasing one of these, you're crazy. :)

Head over to Jewel-Kat ONCE AGAIN and check out ANOTHER awesome product from this great mama!

Wrangled Ribbons

I stumbled upon The Ribbon Wrangled on Facebook.. and immediately lovedher products!

You know how sometimes you can just tell about something before you actually look at it? That's the way it was with this store. :)

I received 2 ADORABLE holiday clips.. a turkey and a ghost :) And i'm not much for the whole "goulish" thing.. but this ghost is CUTE to boot! :) And these are very well made! I like how the ribbon is only half covering the clip.
And they have fun wiggly eyes. :) Who can resist a wiggly eyed ghost? :)

My 2 year old had to have it in her hair the next day.. and my 4 year old wants her turn to wear it tomorrow. :)
What does a turkey say?? "gobble gobble!"

These clips were a hit with my kids.. they were a hit with me.. and i'm sure they're just what YOU are looking for for your holiday "Decorating". :)

She makes MANY different clips. Head over and request yours today! Holloween is just around the corner.. and Thanksgiving close behind! Mine have found the perfect home.. with other homemade clippies. :)