Wednesday, March 21, 2012


a "new" store (really a branch from one that used to be) was willing to show me a new product.
POPSICLE HOLDERS from Colie'sGreenSensations!

i got 3 in the mail.. one for each of my girls. LOVE the prints.
Jazmine liked the duckies, Alivia is a total horse freak, and Zoe is into the ladybugs.

soon as it got warm outside, we tested them out!

they are fairly easy to slip on (star 1), soft and flexible for little hands (star 2)..
and i LOVE the idea.. little hands don't get cold (star 3).

the only thing is the girls sometimes have trouble pushing the popsicle up, so they take off the cover about halfway through.
i'm thinking that if it were more like a sleeve instead of a holder, it could be just right. :)
(make it shorter, with no closed end, just for them to grasp)

GREAT idea.. love the concept.. just a little tweaking and it could be perfect. :)
thank you Colie'sGreenSensations for the chance to check out your product!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Cozy AND Cute

EVERY child needs something to cuddle in.
And for Blankets by Lisa, it's what she loves to do!

She has MANY different options for prints, and sizes, and textures. And working with her.. I was able to completely customize a blanket for a review!
My girls actually "fought" over this one. :)

And she even threw in a little surprise.. a matching mini throw pillow! :) A little history.. my 3 year old, Zoe, loves Minnie Mouse. So when i was perusing the print options for this one, I had her on my lap looking at the prints, and she fell in love with this one.

Custom sized, quality material, and fantastic sewing skills.
The customer service speaks for itself.. all around, a wonderful shop.

Check out Blankets by Lisa for your child, a child you know, OR a gift for any occasion!


Misty behind Mistical Arts decided to try a new product.. on me! ;)

Adult mittens! I got to look through her yarn (photo) and we came up with a color combo.
And in less than a week, they were made and in (or should i say, on) my hands!

They are SUPER cozy.
And in Michigan.. you definitely need warmth around this time of year. :)

Being her first pair of mittens.. I would say.. the size needs a bit of tweaking, and they could use elastic around the wrists (though it's not necessary, it's recommended). BUT this also leaves a LOT of room for improvement.. which she's already working on!

More new fun items coming out at her store. Check out Mistical Arts on Facebook!

Friday, March 2, 2012


This one was a long time in coming, but not by any reason that could have been changed.
Life happens. :)

BUT! The product turned out GREAT!
After my long awaited anticipation, I got a package in the mail that just tickled my toes. :)

Dr. Seuss dress for my little lady had finally come!

Now I know you all have felt this way about a package before. :) You stalk the mailbox, send email inquiries.. track the package online a million times.. and it's so worth it when you finally hold the package, ready to rip into it. :)

That's how it was for me with this beautifully made product from Taberoobies. My daughter loved it so much, she wore it for 2 of the 3 days at Grandma's house (she just had to show her). :)

My favorite aspect of this dress is.. well.. lol. I have 2. I love the hemline (the contrasting colors and prints are great together, and it leaves a nice finish). And I love the waistband. Instead of sewing on an actual waistband, and making it harder to get into, it was sewn onto the front, making for versatile sizing, and fun bow in the back. :)

Thank you Taberoobies for this fun, flexible product. :)

And not just because of the well made product, but also because of the great customer service, I would recommend this store to anyone.. much more than just kids clothing!