Wednesday, March 21, 2012


a "new" store (really a branch from one that used to be) was willing to show me a new product.
POPSICLE HOLDERS from Colie'sGreenSensations!

i got 3 in the mail.. one for each of my girls. LOVE the prints.
Jazmine liked the duckies, Alivia is a total horse freak, and Zoe is into the ladybugs.

soon as it got warm outside, we tested them out!

they are fairly easy to slip on (star 1), soft and flexible for little hands (star 2)..
and i LOVE the idea.. little hands don't get cold (star 3).

the only thing is the girls sometimes have trouble pushing the popsicle up, so they take off the cover about halfway through.
i'm thinking that if it were more like a sleeve instead of a holder, it could be just right. :)
(make it shorter, with no closed end, just for them to grasp)

GREAT idea.. love the concept.. just a little tweaking and it could be perfect. :)
thank you Colie'sGreenSensations for the chance to check out your product!

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