Monday, April 30, 2012

Undie Time!

After talking with the mom behind Violet Sky for a bit.. we figured out what would work best to showcase her shop.


This is the first pair of homemade undies i've seen (at least in person) and I have to say.. they are CUTE! They are FUNTIONAL! And the price is decent too! :)

And it ALWAYS helps me to know that i'm supporting a family, and not just some commercial store.

The product itself..
We were sent 1 for each child. Zoe (as you can see) loved hers, and they fit VERY well.
Alivia (5 years old) likes hers also, she says "they're cute". :) She's a big animal lover, so the monkeys fit her personality quite well.

The larger pair for Jazmine (6) were loose.. so for now she'll be wearing them as bloomers under a dress (or, if she's not ok with that, we'll save them for next year).
So the sizing is a tad off on the bigger ones.. but being a WAHM myself, i know that larger sizing can be tricky.. because no child is exactly the same as another.. and she's super skinny.
We'll pull them back out this fall when we open the bags of bigger clothes. :)

A big thank you to the store for letting me check out your product.. for producing something that's usable for any child (not just geared toward babies or big kids).. and a product that won't break the bank.

Check out Violet Sky Shop on for MORE than just undies!

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to write such a wonderful review. Glad your LOs like them.

    Violet Sky