Friday, June 8, 2012

more little blessings!

I have written a review for this store in the past.. and it was a wonderful experience. :)
Working with this mama is ALWAYS a pleasure.

This time, as we were conversing, we decided to do a SET! A matching mother/daughter set!
I was completely surprised that she was going to purchase material just for us.. and let me choose the print.

When I saw the photos of the finished products on their way to me, I was totally geeked. :)
A skort set for my 6 yr old, a dress for my 3.5 yr old, a pair of overalls for my 4 year old.. and a beautiful shirt for me. :)

As you can see, the fabric has AMAZING coloring to it! The fabric is high quality.. there is no fraying, no missed stitches..

These pieces of clothing are timeless!! And with my VERY active children.. I have no fear that they will hold up well! POSSIBLY passing them along to my sister for her daughter afterwards!

Thank you Vickie at 3 Tiny Blessings for your handiwork!
I have nothing bad to say. :)

Enjoy perusing this shop on Facebook.. and let her know what you're looking for! You will not be disappointed!

Zoe.. 3.5 (wearing a size 4t)

Alivia.. age 5.

Me wearing the top she made me to my 6 year old (Jazmine's) baptism! :) Which, afterwards, she wore the skort set.

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