Saturday, July 7, 2012

like royalty

I wrote a review on this store when the blog first started, about some products she was making (mainly sewing items). The difference about it now is that the sewing has diminished, and she is now taking awesome furniture finds, restoring them, and reselling them. 
From the photos and being in contact with her, I am seeing some AWESOME pieces of work.

Based in Kannapolis, North Carolina.. she's been intrigued by old wood pieces for a while now. There are a few homemade items still available (on her Facebook account, and i believe on as well). They are clearanced for a quick sale! If you want a great deal, check it out!

If you are local and in need some of some great pieces to complete your home, I would jump on it!
So far, it looks like her specialty is shabby chic.. but that is by far not the only thing she does!
And i'm sure, if you have a piece that needs redone as well, you could probably talk her into redoing it for you! :) 

Decent prices for great products.. I highly recommend this mama's work.

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