Saturday, July 7, 2012

Shiny Masterpieces

The name of this store is LightShine Designs Jewelry and Photography.
After conversing with the owner for a bit, she decided the best item for a review on my blog would be this beautiful bracelet.
I agree!

She sent me a photo of it first, to make sure it was something I could properly promote.

Let me tell you.. when it came in the mail.. the real product v. the photo.. it doesn't compare.

Her pieces are SO much more awesome in person!
If you like a PHOTO on her site, you will not be disappointed!
It's a fantastic product.. whether you are intrigued by her jewelry or by her photography.. local mamas can take advantage of her camera service.. and ANYONE can take advantage of her jewelry designs!

About the bracelet..
I myself am not huge on bracelets. I have a couple. I don't wear them much (because i'm at home a lot and don't want to ruin them).. but I do like to have them for those few times where I do enjoy dressing up a bit. :)

A couple things I like about this product are:
1. The closure.
I have tiny wrists, and more often than not, bracelets are just too big for me.
The way she makes hers is a chain with a lobster claw.. so no matter what the size of the wrist, it will fit perfect! :) I have to use the smallest setting.. but that's fine with me! The chain was tickling my wrist.. lol. But I would rather have to deal with that, then not be able to wear pretty things.

2. I love that she uses multiple mediums in her work. The clear colorful beads on wire, in combination with the leather wrap.. and the chain with the lobster claw.. it just really all pulls together and everything compliments each other, making a very unique piece to don.

3. The packaging. It was very well packaged.. lots of foam, a bubble mailer, and the little bag it came it is SO beautiful. :) The cool thing about this little bag (besides the beautiful pattern it) is that it's a special  bag just for jewelry! It's an Anti-tarnish Jewelry Protection Bag. I've never seen something like that before. And that shows me that she really takes pride in her work, and goes above and beyond to make sure her customers get a great product.. safe and sound.

The ONLY thing that I didn't like was that the bracelet seemed a little stiff, so I couldn't turn it around my wrist really easy. But that's probably because of the high quality wire being used. It is supposed to keep the shape of the bracelet.. and i'm sure most people don't sit there and try to twirl it around their wrist. lol.

Check out her page at, and also at

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