Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hair Paradise

Cortney Kellen of Baby Hair Paradise loves to make pretty bows to let little girls play and see how pretty they are. :) My girls LOVE the little yellow flowered clippies and the GREAT BIG flower in their hair :) When i was perusing her clippy pics, my 3 year old said "can we buy the yellow flowers?" :) Even with just a picture, she already loved them. :)

My favorite feature of hers is that you can get them with a headband that fits from 9 mth up to 4 years and beyond (especially for when they dont have much hair!).. and the clips are so easy to use! Change your mood/style 5 times a day if you like! Easy enough for a child to use. :)
Priced very well.. I love these and will get more in the future :) May have to order a bow holder too! Not much room left in my ziploc.. lol

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  1. Thanks.
    Just so everyone knows. I have a few the the headbands for myself that I wear. So, you can dress up with your daughter.

    Baby Hair Paradise