Wednesday, June 23, 2010

something for me.. and something for my babe

I recently purchased a crocheted cotton bath pouf from a mama to try out. At first, when i recieved it, I was kind of wondering if it would work as well as a storebought acrylic/plastic pouf because i'm used to them being larger and feeling scrubby.. this one was smaller and felt very soft.

After the first use, I was pleasantly surprised to find that even though it wasn't scrubby or large, it felt quite nice against my skin.. kind of like a homemade wash cloth.

I still keep my acrylic pouf around for when I feel like i need a good scrub down.. but I do enjoy this lovely pouf.. made custom to the color I wanted. :)

I also tested some organic diaper rash cream made by the same mama.. it came in a tube (the twisty kind, like chapstick.. but bigger).. Just in time for my child to be going through a rash phase! I started using it immediately.. and in a day or so the dry parts started softening and red parts started diminishing. It is completely gone now.. and it has only taken a few days.

I would HIGHLY recommend this diaper rash cream to ANY mom.. not just cloth diaper moms.. because it's a natural product, not manufactured by a big cooperation, but helping a mom at home make a living. And the container it comes in is also recyclable. And the price was great. :)

You should definitely check out her products!
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  1. I'm glad you liked it! It's the best diaper rash cream!