Thursday, July 1, 2010

reusable.. lunch bags?

I was pleasantly surprised to see these reusable lunch bags in my mail box from Joys of Thread!
Funny thing was that I got them in the mail just hours before I was going to go to work.. so I packed my lunch in them right away!

The big bag I used for my sandwich, the medium bag i used for my green peppers, and the small bag i used for chunks of Havarti cheese (very moist, soft cheese).

I was happy to see at lunch time that my sandwich was in perfect condition and the bread was still soft.
The green peppers, because they are a "wetter" veggie had made the fabric a tad moist, but not too bad!
The soft cheese, I was wondering if it would get mushed or if it would start getting dried on the edges from the air.. but again, I was happy to see it was in perfect condition and still delicious. :)

I give 2 thumbs up to this mama. GREAT JOB!

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