Sunday, July 18, 2010

How Dee-lightful!

A new WAHM I have been in contact with for a little while now recently came up with a new hair clip for her line of Dee's Delights.

I received a brown satin clip with a CUTE little butterfly on it. :)
I immediately slipped it into my 4 year old's hair.. so pretty in her itty bitty fountain of a ponytail. lol. :)

There was also a questionnaire that came with it, being a tester product. She wanted feedback.
1. Does the bow stay in the hair?
- It was a little slippery.. but she has also started adding a non-slip grip on her new ones. I would love to see one of those next. :)

2. Does the bow stay put together?
- This is a VERY cute bow, and I love how easy it is to use. Maybe making the ribbon a little tighter, but loved it.

3. Compliments/constructive criticism?
Love the bow. :) I would get another one just like it!

Great Job, Alisha!

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