Friday, August 13, 2010


I was perusing through some of my favorite Work At Home Mom's on facebook and one of them led me to this fabulous little shop that specialized in handmade purses. I was immediately intrigued by how well they looked!

I was like "no WAY she really made that!"
I asked about writing a review on one.. and I was asked what I was looking for. I threw out a few specifications, asking a few questions, because I have never had a purse made just for me before.. I wanted something classy.. small enough to be a purse, but big enough to use with children, just in case.. since I do have three young daughters. Wanted something with neutrals.. but fun, also. And this is what Carmen came up with. BEAUTIFUL!

I saw the photo and I was like "no way that's mine" and then yesterday when it showed up in a package with my name on it.. I WAS FLOORED!

This bag is a genuine piece of art!
It was designed specifically for me.. so I would have a fantastic bag to take with me.. no matter what the occasion. I'm in LOVE! And the prices are so reasonable, also.

You have GOT to have something fun for yourself.. why not start with a great bag.. to compliment your everday life?

Head over to Soy Asi... on Facebook. Carmen Marcias has awesome customer service and knows exactly how to make what YOU want.

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