Friday, January 21, 2011

my fluffy lumps :)

I have a bit of a history about this one.
I have used WAHM dryer balls before, and the last time i had them, they ended up unraveling, and were made into scrappy pants for my little bug (which are also in another review, for WhiteElephants).

So i was a little nervous this time, doing a review on some WAHM wool dryer balls.. and.. air fresheners??

I was able to choose my own scents for these, which i just recently found out was possible.. scented dryer balls.
So i chose two that sounded odd.. but interesting intriguing, Yuzu and Agave Lime.

The minute i opened this package, i was overwhelmed with the scent.. but in a VERY GOOD way! :D I was excited to take them out and smell them some more. lol. call me a nerd.. for that's what i am. :)

The dryer balls were the Agave Lime scent.. and the funny thing is, i just had put a load in the washer, so i was able to use them right away. My 3 year old had had a bloody nose the night before, so all her linens were in the wash.. this load being a blanket and her new Pillow Pet. And after i threw these in with them.. oooohh fabulous soft fluffiness. :) I loved the subtly scent the balls left behind, also. I swear this blanket hasn't felt this good since.. i dont know.. last summer? (it's a lighter blanket, so it's really good year round)

And I tried to find my smallest vase to put the air freshener balls in.. cause they were SO MUCH TINIER than i imagined. :) hehe. but ADORABLE. well.. apparently, my favorite bud vase was lost in the move, cause i couldn't find it anywhere. :( anyways, i made do with this smaller vase.. and i love the scent of these. :) I am going to have to find more of like a "bowl"ish dish, cause my kids like to smell them, and the packaging says not to let children touch them. So I wanna make sure the balls and the children are safe.

But i definitely have to say in all.. i love my new fluffy lumps from Fluffalumps on facebook. :)

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