Saturday, February 26, 2011

love at first mug

not it's not a mug shot, and no it's not a puppy dog.. ;)
it's a mug of coffee.. mmmm.. made with reusable coffee filters!! :D

i HAD to try this one out.
Kiera at PlayTyme Creations on Facebook has been making doll diapers, wipes, and blankets for a little while now.. and is branching out a bit.. with contour diapers and REUSABLE coffee filters!

I was given TWO of these to use :D AND a set of dolly diapers for my girls!!

the only thing i was worried about was if the water would go through just as fast as a paper one, or if it would back up.
well.. no worries. and i can rinse and reuse instead of throwing it out!! PERK! (um, no pun intended).
if you use a coffee pot.. you gotta have some of these :D

and the doll diapers are so easy for little fingers! they fit lots of different dolls, because of the adjustability of the velcro! priced right.. these are a great gift for little ones. :)

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  1. We also have a reusable coffee filter and a set of doll diapers and wipes. We LOVE them! I use the coffee filter more than once each day ... just rinse and re-use! The doll diapers are so well made! I definitely recommend these to anyone! :)