Wednesday, March 2, 2011

headband stalker

I wrote a review about a beautiful butterfly clip from Whimsical Fairytales, and it got me hooked on stalking her stuff.

So I ordered some headbands from her recently.. and because she was out of some of the things I was looking for, I waited patiently for her to get them back in stock.
Once the sparklies were back in stock, she got them ready and shipped them ASAP.

When I got the package, to my delight she had included a THIRD headband (that i had been drewling over) as a thank you for waiting so patiently!!

So now, I want to buy more! lol

My oldest daughter, Jazmine, says "i love the headbands! i love them so much", Alivia says "i love them too". lol. out of the mouths of babes. ;) can't wait to get this next one from her!

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