Sunday, March 27, 2011

i love fluffy :)

Rhonda of Fluffyrumps just HAD to have this cute little soaker skirtie in her shop while i was perusing.. and i just jumped at the chance to review this item. :)

I actually had some of the same material at home at the time, but the skirt she made is different than what i've seen before. And it's really neat cause it makes it really flouncy! And for fleece to be "flouncy" it has to be put together just right. :)

We've used it a few times since receiving it and i just love the way it bounces when Zoe prances around. :) And Brian (my husband) loves the fact that it's warm enough to use around the house during the chilly months.. but breezy enough to use during the summer, also, as a little skort. :)

Fleece soaker: practical for cloth diaper use as a cover.
Skirtie: fabulous for any little girl to wear during the summer!

So cloth diaperer.. or NOT!! You could use one of these for your little bug. :)

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