Wednesday, March 2, 2011

hair bows russell

I hosted an auction a little while back on my fanpage, including quite a few other vendors. And Hair Bows Russell was one of them. After the auction was over, I had won their hair clip.. YAY! :D

When I got the package in the mail, there were TWO clips in there. Kind of like a matching set. :) And they are so CUTE!

These were easy enough for my daughters to put in their own hair.. instead of me having to do it. :) And they were nice, simple bows, instead of something uber fancy that you might not be able to wear that often.

So instead of the usual thumbs up, I give Hair Bows Russell TWO thumbs up.. for going above and beyond.. and for making a product that's easy for the child, as well as the parent. :) And at their prices, who can say no!

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