Wednesday, March 2, 2011

ooohhhh.. classsyyy...

I ran into this facebook page a few months back, and the products intrigued me.. so I purchased some cute little brown bow clippies for myself.

I actually forgot that I had ordered them.. and then this past week I got them in the mail, and two other clips included!
I guess mom brain runs around.. haha. She had forgotten too! oops.. this might happen to any WAHM. :)

I was impressed, though.. with the way she handled the situation, adding an extra set of clips, and a note saying she was sorry, and thanks for being patient.

And i love the clips! She definitely matched the same style, i think, and it makes for a nice set for me! :)
I love her style, and the way she handles her business. Clips are just one of the things she makes, too. Customized onesies also included, along with leg warmers, and a few other goodies.
Visit Addi-Kin Grey and tell them Cami sent you!

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