Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rusty? i think not

i think i love pillowcase dresses :)
i was talking to Sarah Rust at Rusty's Baby Boutique about reviewing a product for her, and she decided that all THREE of my girls needed them. :)

i told her what they all liked.. jazmine loves princesses, Alivia is an animal lover (especially horses), and Zoe is all about "doraboots".

the Friday before Easter, these three adorable dresses came in the mail. :) Just in time for me to put them in the Easter baskets! :D

Saturday morning, they took them out of the baskets, and promptly wanted them put on.. so they could wear them when we went to town (ended up being out all day). they looked so cute and comfy.

Sarah did a fabulous job picking prints to match my girls' interests, the stitching is very well done.. the only thing i would recommend is finding some way to keep the ribbon in the casing on the top, 'cause after i washed them for the first time, i had to re"thread" 1 of them. i think i'll stitch down the ends to where they are most comfortable on my girls.

but all in all GREAT JOB SARAH! :D check out her cute stuff on Facebook at Rusty's Baby Boutique.

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