Wednesday, May 18, 2011

SunStitched Cecelia

This ADORABLE creature showed up in my mailbox!
The owner contacted me via FB message asking if I would/could review a product for her, informing me of the products she had available (comfort creatures, tag creatures, doll accessories and more). I told her a bit about myself, the ages of my children, and what would be appropriate for them.. and this fun little lady showed up!

"My name is Cecelia, or CeeCee for short. I love playing outdoors, and am especially fond of climbing trees. But I also like quiet snuggle time and tea parties too.I'm so happy to be a part of your family- let's go have some fun!!!"- said the card that came with her.

This fun little "monster" is VERY well made!!! I'm actually surprised it's homemade!!
The ears are very unique, the mouth on the front is a full size pocket (good for shoving full of play jewelry and barbie shoes HAHA) and i ESPECIALLY love the hearts on the hands and the TAIL!

A lot of thought and time and effort was put into making this fun little "person". :) AND IT SHOWS!
The customer service is great.. couldn't ask for better, especially with homemade toys.. which have to take great care to be safe and age appropriate. I give this store (SunStitched Designs) and it's owner (Sonya Sias) 2 thumbs way up.
I'm very impressed.
THANK YOU for contacting me!

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  1. Thank you so much, Cami. It looks like CeeCee is having so much fun with your girls...especially getting all "fancied" up in pretty green dresses!!! I am so glad that they are enjoying her.