Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rosy Bows.. Bows..

Rosy Bows has some seriously cute things.
They've been uber busy with orders.. having fun all the way :)
And yet, they managed to squeak me in a few items to check out! :)

Jessica and Sarah, the ladies behind the beautiful, dainty items, are so nice to talk to. :) And the items they sent me?
1 Large pinwheel bow
1 small ribbon art blingy daisy
1 pony-o
1 toddler sized crochet flower-band

I have to say they definitely make quality items.
I have been crocheting since I was prob 8 years old? And the quality and simplicity of the crochet headband made it very easy to use, while also being very durable. Made my 2 year old feel "so" pretty. :)
The pony-o went straight to my 4 year old's head, lol. As did the blingy daisy (which i think is 1 of my favorites).
And OF COURSE my 5 year old had to take the biggest bow in the bunch, lol.. the large pinwheel bow.

All of these items came to me very well packaged, with a card from the mama's, and a list of what was sent. I really appreciate the professionalism behind these products, and the quality that's obvious with each creation.
Thank you, Rosy Bows, for allowing me to have these great products!!

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